Unique Scholarship Opportunities for Students

By Samantha Phillips

Did you know that nearly 40 million Americans have an average of approximately $30,000 in student debt? Many of the scholarships available to students have strict guidelines and requirements that omit many individuals from being qualified to apply.

My team and I at outsidescholarships.org recently put together a list of some of the awards many people may not be familiar with, and we focused specifically on creating a list that encompasses a broad range of scholarship candidates.

Apprentice Ecologist Initiative

Seed Grants Scholarship

Rover College Scholarship ($1,000)

Make It With Wool Award

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

College Scholarships and Grants for Veterans

Your hardworking students would likely benefit from this information, so please share it with them! After all, when you’re a student, every little bit helps!

Find Your Money. Follow Your Dreams.


OutsideScholarships is an organization created to give college-bound students an easily accessible database of known outside scholarships. An Outside Scholarship is scholarship money that does come from the educational institution. Many of these funds are provided by private institutions or non-profit organizations. Some have very narrow specifications, such as an intention to study a particular field, or an association with a certain heritage. And some are more broad. But many of these scholarship funds go unused by students who need them the most, simply because these young people are not aware of these support funds or how to get them. Outside Scholarships makes it possible for busy students to easily find the scholarships that are the right fit for them, based on their unique criteria.

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