Unique Career Options Every Student Should Consider Before Choosing a Major

By Anita

Deciding on a college major is a difficult task for anyone, because there are so many factors that must be considered. Choosing a major means that a person is looking far enough into the future to imagine a viable career, stability, and possibly a family and a mortgage. To avoid being stuck in a dissatisfying career, potential students should consider unique career options.

Efficiency Expert

Small businesses and large corporations often outsource consulting services for everything from corporate training facilitators to business process writers. Freelancers in this field can make their own hours and help determine their own salaries.

Dental Assistant

As members of a quickly growing field, dental assistants and technicians are sure to find a fulfilling career in a clinic or private practice. The specialization and continuing education required at different stages of training act as job security and career longevity for this unique field. Dental assistant duties include advising patients on oral hygiene, preparing treatment rooms and performing minor procedures.


Becoming a teacher, professor, or other educator is a fulfilling career with tons of possibility in different fields. Substitute teachers can float among different school zones and grade levels to find their perfect niche. Educators who have gained experience can then move into administrative and management roles.

Laboratory Technician

Supportive roles within the medical and dental professions are consistently in high demand. Experts in this career field can choose to work in a hospital, urgent care setting, or private laboratory. Specializations may include x-ray technicians, phlebotomists, and other positions that may or may not include direct patient care.

Auto Mechanic

Certified auto mechanics and auto body repair technicians will certainly never have a lack of work. Dealerships, independent shops, and insurance companies all offer positions for experienced mechanics. In addition, there is a growing market for mobile mechanics who perform routine maintenance on location at the home or workplace of their customers.

Retail Merchandiser

Job seekers who prefer a flexible schedule can find many different opportunities to work in a retail setting. Individuals can work for a grocery or department store chain with multiple products, or can choose to work for a specific brand name and set up merchandise displays at multiple locations for products owned by the brand.

Depending on the personality and values of a job seeker, any of these unique career opportunities offer specific benefits and challenges. At the very least, they will allow a potential student to view their choice of college majors from a different perspective.

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