Trident University International: Offering Shorter Courses for Better Outcomes

tridentMany colleges have adopted flexible course schedules and shorter terms with positive results. Now a major online university is adding shorter courses to its program offerings to enable additional flexibility for students. Trident University International is launching a “Fastrac” program in May that will offer 8-week courses in addition to its existing 12-week structure.

In 2013 a joint project by researchers from three schools found “no statistical difference in student achievement or engagement” in online courses that were taught in a 16-week format or an 8-week format. The study found similar learning experiences for students “in terms of content given, scores earned, and total assignments completed.” The results are “encouraging for institutions looking to offer shorter duration courses to meet student enrollment needs and student preferences.”

TUI’s new Fastrac program will enable those students who choose it to complete more sessions each year, and speed up the time to graduation. However, the school will continue offering its 12-week terms as well, based on the results of a survey in which 70 percent of students recommended offering both. All doctoral courses will remain in the 12-week structure. TUI offers degrees at the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. level.

Bachelor’s degree programs are offered in six disciplines: Health Sciences, Computer Science, IT Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, and Leadership. These all require between 120 and 124 credits to complete the degree.

Master’s degree programs are offered in eight disciplines: Education, Health Sciences, Health Administration, IT Management, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Emergency & Disaster Management. These require between 36 and 44 additional credits to complete the degree.

Doctoral degree programs are offered in four disciplines: Health Sciences, Business Administration, PhD in Educational Leadership, and EdD in Educational Leadership. These require 52-56 core, concentration, and dissertation series credits to complete the degree.

Based in Cypress, California, TUI is the only fully online university regionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Regional Accreditation is recognized by many in higher education as the gold standard that validates the academic excellence that makes TUI’s Learning Model so uniquely effective.

While TUI is a for-profit school, its tuition and fees are relatively reasonable at $350 per credit hour or $1,400 per course. So if you take five classes per semester, that would be $14,000 per year as compared to an average of $23,300 per year at other private for-profit institutions. TUI makes it easy to pay for college by accepting federal financial aid, public and private scholarships, military tuition assistance, veterans affairs benefits, corporate benefits through employers, private loans, tuition payment plans, checks and credit cards.

Trident received top honors from as the most Affordable MBA program. ranked TUI as Most Affordable Online Colleges for Bachelor’s Degrees 2015, and ranked TUI as Best Affordable Online Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in the USA. They took into account total cost, number of online degrees offered, and only considered schools with regional accreditation. TUI’s Online Health Administration program and its Online Business and Management program are also ranked among the top in the country by

The Trident Learning Model promotes active, case-based learning as opposed to standard test methods. This model is built on developing student success through information literacy, integrity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The school emphasizes a solid foundation of the common body of knowledge in each discipline through both methodological and theoretical training.

If you are looking for a challenging, enlightening, and rewarding online education, you will find your virtual home in the Trident Learning Community. At TUI, you are more than a number or a username in a virtual classroom. When you enroll in their online degree programs, you are joining an enthusiastic community of learners, leaders, and scholars. Faculty, staff, alumni and students are responsive, engaged, and committed to your professional development and personal growth.

Homeschool Students

TUI has a rich diversity among their 13,000 students – many of whom are active military – who bring educational experiences from both conventional and alternative schooling as well as work and life experiences.

When evaluating applications for admission, TUI seeks evidence of academic preparation and proficiency. TUI will require students to show proof that they have completed their state’s requirements for high school graduation. Homeschool families are responsible for compliance with all requirements for their state. Proof of graduation is traditionally provided through a high school transcript. TUI offers three options for home school students to meet this requirement:

  1. GED (General Educational Development Test) – Some states require that a home school student take the GED. (If your state requires a GED, then you must request the GED scores be sent to TUI).
  2. Course Transcript (provided by outside source) – If affiliated with a home school program, academy, or consortium, the student should request that the outside source forward a copy of the official transcript. If the student is affiliated with an organization that does not provide transcripts, the family will be responsible for providing a transcript as instructed below.
  3. Portfolio (provided by family source). If the program has been customized by the family, a detailed portfolio, including a course transcript, is required. The person in charge of the home school program will be responsible for verifying the transcript as official and providing the full portfolio to meet the requirements.

The following documents are required to evaluate the academic background of homeschooled applicants:

GED Results (if required by state of residence) or Course Transcript (provided by home school program) or Academic Portfolio.

Two Letters of Recommendation from adults not related to the student. A family member, however, who acted as the student’s primary instructor, may submit a teacher recommendation. Recommendations are acceptable from private instructors, coaches, clergy, mentors, employers, or sponsors of extracurricular activity.

The submission of SAT or ACT scores recommended (but not required). SAT or ACT Scores of at least ACT composite 21 or SAT combined math and critical reading total of 1000 would strengthen a prospective student’s application to TUI.

NOTE: All application materials must be received by the application deadline. For more information, visit .

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