Traffic Racer

A Game Review by Dune Jumper

Traffic Racer is a great next-gen arcade-style racing game for iOS and Android that will get you addicted in no time. The game features 3-D graphics, smooth and realistic car handling, 18 different cars plus a semi truck to choose from, and four detailed highway environments: suburbs, desert, snow, and city night. You will encounter lots of NPC traffic including cars, trucks, buses, and SUVs. There are four game modes: Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, and Free Ride. The faster you go, the more points and cash you get. Pass cars closely to earn bonus points and cash. Driving in the opposite direction in two-way mode also gives you extra points and cash. Use the cash to buy paint, wheels, and upgrades for your car. When you get enough cash, you can buy a new car. A big plus is that no “in app purchases” are necessary, although they are available. This is a fun game to play – just drive real fast and try not to crash. But please DO NOT drive like this in real life! App Store Link (99 cents!) Google Play Link (FREE!)

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