Top Ten Historical Halloween Costumes

Do you enjoy dressing up for Halloween but don’t like to be scary? Dress up as your favorite historical character! Below are ten history-themed Halloween costumes that you can purchase on Amazon.* You’ll be able to enjoy wearing these costumes for historical dress-up days, re-enactments, and just for fun at any time of year! Choose one and turn it into a unit study! Halloween costumes aren’t just for Halloween!

American Pioneer

Wearing this prairie dress takes you back to the 1800s! This dress can be worn with or without the apron. It’s a multi-purpose dress for Halloween, re-enactments, field trips, school presentations, plays, square dances, country fairs, and more.

Harriet Tubman

This long black dress is also quite versatile. The dress can be customized with a variety of accessories, such as a lace collar, ruffled collar, a pair of lace cuffs, cameo brooch, etc. Add a big white collar, white apron and bonnet to be a Pilgrim! Or add a white apron and a white nurse’s cap to become Florence Nightingale! You could even pretend to be Susan B. Anthony or Marie Curie with this dress!

Civil War Lady

This fancy dress is perfect for Civil War balls, Dickens celebrations, Victorian or Edwardian era themes. You will need to wear a hoop skirt underneath to fill out like photo, but it doesn’t come with one.

George Washington

Dress as the first President of the United States! The George Washington costume includes: coat with attached vest, knickers pants, neck tie cravat, and boot covers. Boots and wig not included.

Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a printer, publisher, author, inventor, scientist, diplomat, and a Founding Father of the United States of America. This Colonial costume includes Jacket, Vest, Cravat Necktie, Pants, White Socks. (Glasses and wig sold separately.)

Abraham Lincoln

This 19th-century inspired costume is ideal for dressing as Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglas. The costume includes a button-up long jacket, button-up black vest, black neck tie, and top hat. Shoes, beard, black pants, and white collared shirt not included.


You can be Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, or Davy Crockett in this fringed faux suede outfit. The look comes complete with fitted brown pants, red scarf, faux fur raccoon cap, and you’ll even have an essential water pouch for wilderness survival.


This medieval knight costume includes: tunic with cape, belt, two medallions, and cuffs. You will have to provide your own footwear, sword and shield.

Albert Einstein

You too can be a world famous physicist! Synthetic fiber wig and mustache are included. Lab coat has “E = mc2” graphic on back.

Clara Barton

This poplin-woven blue dress has a zipper on the back and a built-in petticoat for easy wear. Add the included bonnet, white sleeve cuffs, and apron with cross symbol on the front and you’ll look right at home as the famous 19th-century nurse! 

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is an American icon who set many aviation records and inspired an early generation of women pilots. The Amelia Earhart / Aviator costume includes: jacket with zipper, pants, scarf, hat and goggles. (Boots not included.)


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