Conservative Current Events Websites for Kids and Teens

By The Right-Wing Teen

A while ago, Sarah asked, “Are there any good, conservative, current events websites geared for kids/teens?”

Great question! Did you know that most newspapers for the general public are written at a junior high reading level? This is especially important with online news outlets, where readers view it on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. Scannability of newspaper copy is now a necessity.

However, adult news shows and sites can be overwhelming, boring, or even scary for a younger audience. In addition, most mainstream media outlets are liberal, even though they claim to be neutral. It’s even hard to find general civics and history websites without liberal bias.

Unfortunately, conservative sites made specifically for kids and teens are few and far between. The Conservative Teen magazine only published one issue. The Conservative Kids Blog is no longer active. The Teenage Conservative doesn’t post any more. The Conservative Teen Today never posted anything beyond the initial page.

Nevertheless, we did manage to make a list of ten current events websites we’d recommend for kids and teens. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Top Ten Conservative Current Events Websites for Kids and Teens

Future Female Leaders (Teens) – Founded by Amanda Owens during her senior year of college, FFL informs, inspires, empowers, and engages young conservative women through a variety of content including politics, news, style, campus, career, and more.

Mike Huckabee Show (Kids & Teens) – Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee’s website contains conservative political commentary and excerpts from his family-friendly variety show, an hour-long weekly program on TBN. (Watch it for free online.) Each show features national and international newsmakers, iconic celebrities and music legends, and uplifting stories highlighting the goodness, faith, and down-home heroics of everyday individuals from across the nation. Along the way, Gov. Huckabee offers his legendary take on what’s happening in Washington, DC and throughout the heart and soul of America.

Orange Street News (Kids & Teens) – The official publication of 13-year-old newswriter Hilde Lysiak. She specializes in local news from the Southern Arizona town where she lives, but she also covers some related national news. Her site doesn’t claim to be conservative, but she reports “just the facts, ma’am” like an old-school journalist, and generally doesn’t get into political commentary which is refreshing.

Plugged In (Teens) – For current cultural news and commentary from a conservative Christian viewpoint, turn to Focus on the Family’s “Plugged In” blog which shines a light on the world of popular culture. Categories include music, movies, games, tech, and TV.

POPlitics with Alex Clark (Teens) – Alex Clark left a career as a morning show co-host in pop radio to create and host the politically conservative daily show “POPlitics” with Turning Point USA. You can follow “POPlitics” on Instagram and all podcast platforms! She also has a Cuteservatives Facebook Group for young conservatives who love pop culture, fashion, and beauty. Finally, a forum for discussing politics and pop culture without fearing backlash because of who you voted for or how you think!

PragerU (Kids & Teens) – PragerU creates timely educational videos on a wide variety of political, economic and philosophical topics from a conservative perspective. The videos are only 5 minutes each, perfect for short attention spans and sharing on social media! Will Witt’s Man on the Street interviews are quite eye-opening and entertaining. (Certain topics may not be suited for kids, so pre-screen before watching with them.)

Right-Wing Teen (Teens) – We would be remiss if we didn’t include a shout-out for Homeschooling Teen‘s monthly column of current events and commentary from a conservative point of view. 🙂

Rush (Kids & Teens) – Rush Limbaugh is known as the pioneer of conservative talk radio. He revolutionized the media and political landscape with his serious discussion of political, cultural and social issues combined with satirical and biting humor. He breaks down complicated current events in a way that helps you understand what’s really going on. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, recognizing his contributions to the national interests of the United States. He donated millions of dollars to fallen American heroes through the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. His Rush Revere books and website teach American history to kids. Many of us “Dittoheads” grew up listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show from an early age with our parents. You can also read the show transcripts online.

WORLD (Kids & Teens) – World Magazine is a conservative Christian news source, grounded in facts and biblical truth, for teens and adults. Through print magazines, online articles, and podcast programs, their trained journalists report on current events both global and national so that readers and listeners can see how God is at work in the world, no matter the headlines. WORLDKIDS does the same for children ages 7-10.

Young Patriot Rising (Teens) – Young Patriot Rising is a Christian conservative Republican blog with interesting articles and book reviews written by a Generation Z college student. She updates her blog weekly. See also Gen Z Conservative for the general thoughts of a Gen Z conservative college student on political and non-political issues as well as book reviews, great quotes and memes.


The websites on this next list, although not specifically geared to kids and/or teens, do help make historic and current events more digestible while offering stories of interest to young people from a conservative viewpoint.

Homeschool Patriot – Although it could use an update, this site has hundreds of links to patriotic resources, educational materials, historical documents, and information on how you and your family can help preserve the heritage of America’s Founding Fathers. It’s also home of the Citizen’s Rule Book, a pocket-sized guide to the Constitution!

IMPRIMIS – Hillsdale College’s flagship publication IMPRIMIS (Latin for “in the first place”) is an always timely, always informative monthly digest of speeches delivered by conservative leaders from a variety of fields. Their commentary on national and international events concerning cultural, economic, political and educational issues is strongly recommended reading. Since it’s a college publication, the language is several grades above the general public’s reading level. Still, their in-depth analysis of current events is well worth covering in civics class or quoting in research papers. It’s especially recommended for students interested in speech and debate. A print subscription is available to anyone free of charge, and each issue is also posted online.

NewsBusters – NewsBusters is a project of the Media Research Center (MRC), America’s leading media watchdog. With a sophisticated 24-hour recording operation and a huge archive of news recordings dating back to 1987, NewsBusters is hard at work documenting and exposing liberal media bias and hypocrisy. See what’s trending now on their site and watch them check the so-called “fact-checkers”!

Newsmax – Check out this easy-to-read news site if you just want a simple, quick, broad overview of current headlines including American news, global news, health, money, science, technology, etc. along with conservative commentary. See also One News Now for the latest breaking stories from a Christian perspective, plus a cartoon of the day, brought to you by the American Family News Network.

Townhall Political Cartoons – While the popular Townhall site is a great source of conservative news and commentary on politics and the media, kids and teens will be more interested in the daily political cartoons that can be easily shared on Facebook. As a civics class activity, you can analyze and interpret the cartoons’ symbolism and meanings. Download a tool for analyzing political cartoons from Teachers Pay Teachers (free for a limited time). – If you want real news, get it straight from the source! The White House website posts the latest press releases, statements from the President, and other news right on their front page. Stay up-to-date on the economy, healthcare, immigration, national security, foreign policy, and more.

Do you know of any good conservative news sites for kids or teens that are not on this list? Please tell us!


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  1. Thank you so much for including me on this list! I’m very honored you consider me one of the top 10 best sites for current events! It truly made my day.

  2. The Blaze media is a good source as well. Thanks for the info

  3. Twinkle Time and her husband Dallas are wonderful Trump supporting patriots. Please follow and listen to their children’s music.

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