Top Online Tools to Inspire Summer Learning

By Robert Morris

Have you ever been a victim to the summer slide? You’ve been trying hard to achieve academic success throughout the year, but all that information magically disappears in hidden folders and files in your mind, so you start the following term with a blank mind that’s not ready to start upgrading the knowledge.

Such loss of focus and inspiration can be prevented through summer learning, supported by tools that are both fun and educational. The following online tools are some of the best ones you should try.

  1. ThingLink

This is an interactive media platform created for bloggers, brands, educators and other users, who can create engaging content enriched with media links to videos and photos. How can you use this tool during the summer? Create posters, maps, photo reports, and multimedia catalogs of the places you visit! The tool enables you to engage the audience, and it provides real time performance metrics. Bottom line, ThingLink will help you learn how to express yourself better through fun activities.

  1. Essay Writer

This service enables you to collaborate with professional writers and editors, who can complete or improve any type of academic paper. If you have an important project on your mind, it would be best to start working on it as early as possible.

Check out the blog section of this website; it will keep you updated with the latest news and developments in educational technology. In addition, you can enter an essay contest and earn a prize while spending your summer productively.

  1. Haiku Deck

You don’t like the PowerPoint presentations you have to create for school? How about trying something different over the summer? Haiku Deck is online presentation software that will make your story simple, fun, and visually appealing. Think of your own topics, create a presentation and you’ll realize that the process is more amusing than you ever anticipated.

  1. Snapguide

With this tool, you can discover and create how-to guides on any topic. You will certainly learn new things during the summer vacation. Use Snapguide to recreate the process in a detailed guide. Here is an idea: create a guide on How to Make Your Summer Fun and Educational or How to Create a Summer Reading List.

  1. Strip Designer

Comic books are your favorite type of literature? Have you ever tried creating your own strips? You can do that on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The tool provides you with 100+ templates that enable you to create multipage books.

Explore your creativity! You can recreate a chapter of the book you’re reading, or think of your own story. When you maintain your creative thinking skills over the summer, it will be easier to deal with the projects you get over the next term.

  1. Photo Mapo

You love taking many photos when you visit a new place? How about adding a map that will remind you of the exact location? That will transform simple photos into masterpieces that you can share with the class when you get back to school.

If you want to make the use of this app extra educational, then you can create postcards with details and facts about the landmarks you visit.

  1. Tackk

This tool will help you connect and chat with your friends during the holidays. However, Tackk is not limited to simple conversations; it makes the process much more creative by enabling you to create and share pages for everything in your life. You can share information about your weekend, the books you are reading, the travels plans you have, or anything else you do over the summer. In addition, you can keep track of your professional development if you decided to accept an internship position.

If you make an attempt to preserve and boost your intellectual capacity over the summer, you’ll discover a whole new dimension of learning: it can be fun!

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