Top 8 Disasters to Prepare for in 2018

Although a zombie apocalypse is unlikely, there are plenty of other scenarios that might cause widespread chaos, and many in fact have already happened to some extent.

Here are the top 8 disasters to prepare for in 2018:

1. Nuclear Incident – Nuclear accidents (i.e. Fukushima or Chernobyl) are not only detrimental to humans but also to the environment; and almost any large or small nation such as Russia or North Korea could launch a nuclear attack with relative ease.

2. EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) – A burst of electromagnetic radiation produced by a hostile nation or even naturally by a solar storm (i.e. the 1989 Quebec Blackout) can severely disrupt the nation’s power and communication grids, as anything with an antenna or cable will be fried by the surge.

3. Cyber Attack – An attack on computer systems via malware over the internet by lone hackers, terrorist organizations, or enemies of the state could target power stations, hospitals, the government or military. (The 2008 cyberattack on the United States was the worst breach of U.S. military computers in history.)

4. Water Supply Contamination – As a basic requirement for survival, the water supply is a tempting target for terrorists and it is also prone to aging infrastructure (Flint, MI) and accidental pollution by companies (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill) or government entities (EPA’s toxic mine waste discharge on the Animas River).

5. Economic Collapse – An economic collapse (such as the Great Depression) brings market crashes, hyperinflation, high levels of poverty, societal distress, and civil unrest.

6. Pandemic – Worse than an epidemic which is geographically confined, a pandemic happens when a contagious disease (Ebola, Bird Flu, MERS, SARS) spreads around the whole world, like the “Spanish Flu” influenza pandemic of 1918.

7. Civil Unrest – Civil unrest generally comes in the form of riots, violence, and looting done by rebellious groups of people, often prompted by racial tensions or political extremism. Recent localized examples include the 2017 Berkeley protests, 2016 Milwaukee and Charlotte riots, and 2015 Baltimore protests.

8. Terrorism – Acts of terrorism by a militant organization (ISIS, Al-Qaeda), rogue nation (Iran, Syria), hostile domestic group (KKK, IRA), or even a lone wolf (Las Vegas sniper) can include bombings, hijackings, chemical attacks, shootings, and more. has made an infographic on the top 8 disasters to prepare for in 2018. It’s a simple but detailed guide that provides more details about what the threats are, why they could they happen, who would trigger them, and how to take charge in a crisis. Get prepared now because you never know when one of these top 8 disasters might happen – and it’s usually when you least expect it!

Mike is a self-taught prepper with a passion for preparedness who shares his experiences and knowledge with the main objective of teaching families how to get ready to survive pretty much everything and anything.

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