Top 5 Colleges of the Near Future

By Anthony Ash

These are not colleges you will find on the top ten list of any national or international college list, but they are colleges that within ten years may be riding high up there with the likes of Harvard in the US and Oxford in the UK. These are colleges it is a good idea to keep your eye on because the education landscape, political landscape, and education culture are changing in their direction. That is of course, if they keep up the good work and maintain their strong reputation over the coming years. Best of all, every one of these colleges is homeschool-friendly and has a history of accepting homeschool applicants.

1 – Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College is based in Hillsdale, MI. It is a college that was established in 1844 and has survived where other colleges have failed over the years, and that is one of the reasons it may one day end up on top ten lists for colleges and Universities. They are probably one of the most dogged colleges in the country. They may also grow in size and reputation in the future because the core curriculum is strongly rooted in the enduring truths of the Western tradition, and in a country where people are worried these traditions are dissolving, it is likely that more and more students will seek out colleges that stand by and celebrate western tradition.

The college has a very rich history. It is a non-sectarian, private, coeducational, liberal arts college. Four hundred of their graduated students fought for the Union in the Civil War, which is proportionally more than any other college in the country. It was also the first college in America to prohibit (officially) any sort of discrimination based on race, religion, or gender. Quite a few prominent current and historical figures have attended this college, and you can be sure that whatever the future holds, this college will continue to thrive.

2 – Grove City College

This college is found in Grove City, PA. It is a private liberal arts school. It is gaining respect because it mixed intellectual endeavors with a more balanced and mixed attitude. For example, lessons within most subjects are also mixed with philosophy, ideology, hard science and objective truth. It is quickly becoming known as a college that teaches students to think. In addition, the college has strong ties with the libertarian Ludwig von Mises Institute and the conservative Center for Vision & Values.

It hasn’t grown in reputation or size as quickly as it should because it still has an underlying religious agenda, and some people think it encourages professors to blur hard science and objective thinking with religious belief. They may see more growth in the future because they are trying to shake this misconception. For example, they recently revoked the rule stating that new students have to sign a “statement of faith.” This is a college you should watch in the future.

3 – Liberty University

This is a University found in Lynchburg, VA. It has over 13,000 students that live on campus, and a massive 92,000 online students. The sheer weight of their student numbers is what is pushing this college up the list of top colleges and Universities in North America.

They foster a very republican attitude to fiscal and social issues, which is another reason the college has a growing reputation. In a country where liberal agendas are rife within Universities, students are flocking to the few colleges and Universities that offer a more balanced republican and liberal agenda, rather than a liberal only agenda. This University is still growing and their student numbers are increasing on a yearly basis. This University will soon be seen in top ten lists for colleges and Universities.

4 – Houston Baptist University

This is a Christian liberal arts university in Houston, Texas. It has strong ties to the Baptist Church, which may make it uncomfortable studying there if you are not of that faith–though you will not be rejected based on your religion. Nevertheless, they aim to instill a passion for spiritual, academic, and professional excellence into their students.

It combines lessons in the bible with undergraduate degrees economics and government. The reason this college will soon be on top ten lists is because the students that attend are scoring very well. They have over 2,050 students, and yet they have a very high success rate. They claim the culture in the college is one of learning and harmony, and that premise seems to be working very well if you consider their test scores.

5 – The King’s College

This is a New York college that is seemingly small, but is a fast growing Christian college that is gaining more and more respect as it grows. It is just one block away from Wall Street in Manhattan’s Financial District. It is growing in presence, influence and credibility because of its programs that specifically target getting students’ jobs in strategic public and private institutions.

They do not hide the fact that they are preparing students for very specific jobs in certain public and private institutions, and what is more impressive is that they are succeeding. Students are graduating the college and getting the jobs the college set out for them to get. In a world where more and more people with degrees have to work in minimum wage/ low status jobs, a college that promises a career after graduating is very powerful. At the moment, they only have 550 students, but as the college grows then so will the number of students.

Kings-College-NYAnthony Ash is a graduate student from Boston University, talented freelance blogger and a regular contributor at Topaussiewriters. You may follow him on Twitter: @anthonyash_acc

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