Top 4 Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees

Top 4 Most Popular Undergraduate DegreesBy Anica Oaks

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost 2 million undergraduate degrees are earned every year. Higher education is one of the keys to career stability, personal development, and increased earning potential. However, certain degrees are more popular than others. Below introduces the four most popular undergraduate degrees.

Information Technology

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace throughout a variety of platforms. An IT-related degree lays the foundation for being able to specialize in exciting fields, such as social media, mobile apps and networking. Graduates also enjoy a wide range of exciting employment opportunities, such as working as a health information technician or network administrator. Computer science graduates earn high salaries and have excellent job prospects. As the world becomes digitally interconnected, every industry relies on IT professionals to help run their organizations.

Social Studies

Those who pursue a social studies degree have the freedom to choose between popular majors, such as psychology, criminology and political science. In fact, psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate social studies degrees and offers a variety of career paths. However, all social studies degrees offer more flexibility with course choices and prepare the student to work in many industries. These fields include law, journalism and business. In addition to this, graduates with a degree in social studies often work in the public sector or in academia.

Business Administration and Management

This most popular undergraduate major empowers graduates to work in any industry in a variety of different specializations. These include being a marketing, operations and accounting manager. A business administration emphasis focuses on key areas, such as HR, statistics, finances and economics. In addition to this, graduates learn valuable leadership, documentation and communication skills. Learn more about a typical online business administration degree program from


The demand for healthcare providers is on the rise and nursing is one the preferred choice amongst undergraduates. In fact, nursing is the fastest growing job in the U.S. Nursing careers offer job stability and plenty of potential career choices. Nurses are able to work in a variety of healthcare facility settings, such as hospitals, nursing facilities and even outpatient treatment facilities. Nurses enjoy excellent benefits, such as flexible schedules and high salaries. In addition to this, many nurses find deep satisfaction in helping others and contributing to the community. A nursing degree involves a variety of subjects including anatomy, nutrition, chemistry and psychology.

In conclusion, information technology, social studies, nursing and business administration are four of the most popular undergraduate degrees. If you are still trying to choose a major, check out these hot degrees for undergraduates.

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