Top 21 Business Scholarships for Entrepreneurs

Why should aspiring business people seek scholarships for entrepreneurs? Regardless of whether you dream of running your own business as an entrepreneur, or you are thinking of attending college as a business major, a scholarship would be a great investment.

A scholarship is an investment because you are firstly reducing a cost that you are going to have to pay for; and secondly, you are investing in the most precious asset at your disposal – YOU.

Applying for business scholarships for entrepreneurs might seem like a no-brainer. But you can’t just casually apply for an entrepreneurial scholarship and hope to get accepted. Like everything in a capitalist society, the very best are the ones that get the rewards. What have you done for the community? What sets you apart? What independent business ventures have you created?

Keep in mind that you really must know what you are after first and foremost. You need to have a clear vision that inspires the panel of judges that reads your submission. Focus makes you a better entrepreneur and business person. And by focusing on one particular area, your chances of acquiring the scholarship are greater. Plus, besides the standard scholarships that everybody is gunning for, there are a large number of “niche” scholarships that might be worth a shot if they relate your focus area.

Here are the top 21 scholarships for entrepreneurs and business people:

  1. Thiel Fellowship
  2. California Institute of Advanced Management (‘CIAM’) Community Scholarship
  3. Business Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
  4. Cancer for College Leonard Family Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship
  5. The FormSwift Startup Scholarship Program
  6. Kitchen Cabinet Kings Entrepreneur Scholarship
  7. 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2
  8. Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship
  9. Insureon Small Business Scholarship
  10. GreenPal Scholarship for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur
  11. National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships
  12. BlueVine Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship
  13. Catherine Reynolds Foundation Scholarship
  14. Global Good Fund Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs
  15. Halstead Grant
  16. Triadex Services Scholarship
  17. Lily Pabilona Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship
  18. Al Schuman Ecolab Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  19. Media Fellows Scholarship
  20. Hostgator Website Scholarship
  21. AFCEA Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Want to learn more about all of the above scholarships for entrepreneurs?

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  • Premium Resources for U.S. Business Students
  • Psychological Attributes – What Makes for a Successful Entrepreneur?
  • Finding Your Area of Interest
  • Scholarship FAQs

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