Top 10 Tools for Boosting Students’ Educational Progress

boost your learningBy Jennifer Scott

Want to boost your learning? When it comes to your education, just like all other students in the world, it can be difficult to see forward. This is referring to your academic progress and how you feel about it personally.

Do you spend hours staring into textbooks, watching videos, taking pop quizzes and using all manner of learning materials but feel like it’s not going anywhere? Maybe you’re the complete opposite.

Maybe you’re soaking up all this information like a sponge, and you’re looking for ways to take your learning capabilities to the next level.

Whichever category you fall under, here are ten tools that can boost your learning and therefore your educational progress.

  1. Nearpod – Nearpod is a website where you can sign up, either as a student or a teacher, and gain access to a full range of mulitmedia tools and services that bring a new element of interaction to your learning time. Thousands of publisher- and educator-created lessons and presentations are available for grades K-12, some for free and others at reasonable prices.
  2. State of Writing – Grammar is such an important part of language and learning how to use it properly can benefit you in so many core subjects, not just in writing and reading. This is a free online blog with a ton of resources you can use to learn everything there is to know about grammar.
  3. Best Australian Writers – If you’re looking for a writing service that can help you to better your writing in any sense, this is it. Whether you’re writing speeches, presentations or essays, this site will have a professional guide you can follow and learn from.
  4. Cite It In – This is a free online tool that you can use for creating and adding professionally formatted citations, references and quotes to any piece of work that you’re working on. This can help to teach you how to format your work properly, especially when it comes to creating official documents.
  5. Fun Brain – Learning is always better when it’s fun. Fun Brain is full of games that you can use to make any subject a bit more interesting to learn. There are multiple age ranges and grade levels from K-8 to choose from as well as a variety of subjects covered.
  6. Academadvisor – You’ve come to the right place to learn about writing with this online writing blog in which professional writers and educational experts offer writing advice as well as academic tips.
  7. Via Writing – The chances are that no matter what subject you’re learning about, you need to write about it. Using Via Writing, you can learn grammar tips and how to write like a professional writer, helping you to note take more effectively and efficiently and craft your words to perfection.
  8. Top Canadian Writers & Best British Essays – Whether you’re looking for proofreading services, editing services, or just general assistance in any subject that you might be learning about, these two sites are filled with all the information you need to find the right service for the task you want to complete.
  9. Easy Word Count – It’s easy to get carried away when you’re writing and what starts out as a small point can turn into an essay within itself. However, if you’ve got word limits or simply need to stay on task, use this free online tool to make sure that your writing is precise.
  10. Writing a Paper – The Huffington Post is one of the leading online publications that contains a whole host of information about all subjects, whether educational or current news, making for a great research platform where you can find all the information you’ll ever need.
Jennifer is a business developer that works in different areas of education, technology, security and various types of online marketing. Prior to business developing Jennifer was a consultant at Deloitte, and managed security services provider and developer of a wide range of security solutions.

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