Top 10 Antivirus Programs

What antivirus software does the NSA use?

Sorry, we don’t know either.

But what we do know are the top differences of all common antivirus programs, thanks to the newly released “Antivirus Software Meta Study” from The Review Institute.

As an institute for product comparisons, over the past few weeks they have looked at more than 10 known studies of antivirus programs, evaluated them, and published their results within the framework of the world’s largest antivirus meta-study to date.

The detailed information on the strengths, weaknesses, and blatant security gaps of the 10 most famous software programs is something that everyone should be interested in.

Do you know why?

A worldwide survey on cyber-attacks in 2017 found that 98% of respondents have been affected by malware.

The Review Institute’s comprehensive study shows how to protect yourself privately and professionally against cyber-attacks. In particular, the right choice of well-functioning antivirus software is essential.

Due to the wide range of antivirus programs available, it is important to understand which software best suits your needs and which offers you complete protection. The programs differ greatly in terms of security, sometimes with serious gaps.

The Review Institute’s Methodology:

“The aim of this comprehensive meta-study on antivirus programs is to include as many representative comparative studies as possible in order to provide a broad and objective product and service range. We analysed and evaluated 10 US studies on antivirus software in detail.

From this research we identified the 10 most popular programs which will be introduced below. In the next step, we compared the test results of the 10 comparative studies with each other and levelled them based on scores in order to achieve an even weighting. We would now like to present the results of the meta study as well as the placement.”

View the results of the antivirus software study here:

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of that page, where The Review Institute offers some final words of wisdom on how to choose an antivirus program that is best for you.

About The Review Institute:

“Launched in 2017, is an independent consumer portal with the aim of simplifying purchasing decisions through clear comparison tables and providing thorough, unbiased advice. We are growing to be one of the largest and most comprehensive product review sites in the United States.”

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