To Become an Entrepreneur or to Get a Job?

By Mary Kingston

All our lives we strive hard as students in the quest of finishing the turmoil as quickly as possible. We know as a fact that our parents and teachers will not take the sigh of relief until and unless we get it all done and we graduate. Such is the scenario in the current world that you have to get your backs broken if you have to, but you have to study hard no matter what. It takes courage, dedication, resilience and humility, but more often than not, we and people like us do make our way out of the trouble and eventually finish our tenure as students. But the main journey actually starts thereafter; you studied for 16 years, you learnt a lot of skills, you met thousands of people, you have a strong following on your social network page, you are good at sports, but what really matters is how you pursue your professional career from here on in.

Do you just find any job that fits your needs and you fit the employer’s needs and get it over with? Or do you actually spend some time thinking of an idea that can shape your life and eventually have an effect on how things are done in the world too? The debate here is futile and really it depends on the mindset of the person. IF a person wants to be an entrepreneur and has the capabilities to do so, then he will become one and if someone wants to feel submissive, but just take the easy money home then they most definitely will take any job that will be offered to them. There are a few merits and demerits of both the choices. Let’s discuss them here:

An entrepreneur has:


Everybody loves and looks up to the entrepreneur. The person is regarded as someone who stood up for himself/herself. Of-course only a capable person will take the challenge on so the respect is well deserved.

No easy money

Unless you make the next Angry Birds’ game, there’s no easy money for you. You have to struggle to make things happen. Although in the long run being an entrepreneur might be more beneficial financially.

An employee has:

More money (at least initially)

An employee at an office or a company will most definitely have more money than the entrepreneur at first. Probably the money factor will get dominated by the entrepreneur in a few months or a years’ time, but at the beginning, the employee wins.

Job security

An employee signs a contract and gets the all-important job security. This is something that you don’t get as an entrepreneur. Your business and idea can completely fail and you can end up with nothing in hand, but of-course you can also become the next Steve Jobs too if you try hard enough.

Having mentioned all these points, it’s upon the reader, the person themselves to decide which side to take because a person is an architect of their own fate.

Author’s Bio: Mary Kingston writes for and her incredible insight and ability to decipher things has made her one of the most experienced and sought after writers in the country currently.

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