Tips To Keep Your Homeschooled Teenager Engaged

Homeschooled Teenager
By Lewis

If you have a teenager you are homeschooling, you know there are specific challenges that relate to keeping them engaged with the material, ensuring they are learning, and taking advantage of a one-on-one situation to help them get the most out of their schooling. Unlike little children, teenagers might respond to various subjects differently and feel frustrated, especially if they don’t see how what they are learning applies to real-world situations. If you are finding it hard to work with your learner, take a look at these ideas to help your homeschooled teenager stay engaged no matter the subject.

Find The Best Ways To Present Material

Take a step back and assess how your homeschooled teen enjoys learning the most. Do they like to read? Do an assignment that is interactive and hands-on? Perhaps they need frequent breaks in-between subjects so they don’t get brain fog. Whatever the case might be, find out how you can work with their natural abilities in order to satisfy their learning style the most. That’s not to say every lesson should be something that caters to how they enjoy studying. When it comes to covering new and especially difficult material, other forms of teaching should be utilized. But it’s helpful to keep in mind their preferred method of taking in new information. This is more likely to keep them interested and invested in what they are studying, even if they find it to be a challenge.

Make Learning Interactive

Interactive learning is one way you can make learning more interesting for your homeschooling teen. This can take place in a variety of forms, from an online class where they are interacting live with a teacher and other students, an app or game that is timed or others requires them to think on their feet, or even a question and answer session with you. There are a variety of learning tools that make it possible to engage in different subjects, from discussing ancient history to practicing speaking in another language. Try a variety of these methods out with your student to see what engages them the most, depending on what they are learning.

Allow Plenty of Time For Questions

With each subject you are working on with your homeschooled teenager, make a point to have a question and answer session at the end. This gives your learner the opportunity to go over the material and see if they have questions on anything. When doing question and answer sessions, make sure you are working during a time when your student is most alert, with plenty of light to make it easy for them to see any materials you might be using. Solar panels or other types of natural light can make it easier for them to focus. You might find that doing these q-and-a sessions helps dispel any incorrect ideas your student had and is a helpful way to review something they just learned, especially if they considered it to be difficult.

Consider Help From a Tutor

Tutoring allows your student to go over subjects fully, usually with an individual who has a degree in the subject or has otherwise extensively studied it. Using a tutor is especially helpful when you are not proficient in what your teen is learning. The chance to work with another adult might be good for them too, since this person can present information in ways you might not have considered before. If you’re out of ideas or your student simply isn’t grasping certain concepts as you homeschool, try getting a tutor, and see if you notice a difference.

When keeping your homeschooled teenager engaged, there is no right or wrong way to do so. It is all about what works best for your student and their needs. Find out how they enjoy learning, ad always try to make some work interactive. Give them plenty of time to ask questions, and consider reaching out for help from a tutor if all else fails. This can ensure a successful year in homeschooling.

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