Tips to Keep Your Homeschooled Teen Socially and Physically Active

physically active kidsBy Lewis

Homeschooling your teen offers many advantages. Unfortunately, with everything being done online these days, an active and vibrant social life is not always one of these. Because of this, it’s up to you to ensure your teen remains active – both socially and physically. The good news is, there are more than a few ways to do this. While scheduling get-togethers is a great tool for socialization, running your kids around town keeps you active too. Using tools like the Thrive patch can help increase energy levels. Keep reading for more tips and ideas.

Plan Play Dates and Teen Hang-outs

Teens do hang-outs, not playdates, and they often make their own arrangements. But if you want to ensure your younger child socializes properly and often, it’s up to you to plan and organize playdates. This means you need to choose specific days of the week when you will take your kid to meet others to play with. You can also contact other homeschool parents who have children of different ages, from toddlers to teens, and arrange a time for everyone to get together for activities and games. When you do this, all the children can enjoy the company of others.

Plan Regular Workouts and Exercise Sessions

Engaging in regular physical activities in the form of workout sessions and exercises will help to improve muscle strength while boosting endurance. This means healthier lifestyles for both parents and children. You can opt to watch online videos of different workout routines or go for a walk or bike ride with your teen. You may also want to invest in home gym equipment. Choose kid-friendly options so younger children can participate. Exercising daily will help ensure healthy blood circulation and boost your child’s immune system. All these things are essential for ongoing good health.

Enroll Your Teen in Art or Music Classes

No matter their age, most children will find art and music classes fun and entertaining. Not only are these classes educational, but they also help your child discover if they have a hidden talent. It’s never too late for teens to try something new. During the class, your teen can meet and interact with like-minded students and learn how to collaborate while learning to paint or play an instrument. If you don’t have any classes like this nearby, you may want to contact a music store. They will likely offer some type of group music session. With these classes, your teen can build friendships with others who have similar musical interests.

Encourage Your Teen to Garden

Gardening involves quite a bit of physical activity. In fact, these actions help to promote sleep, build strength, and help your teen maintain their weight. The fresh air, sunshine, and closeness to nature will also boost mental health. For these reasons teens should be encouraged to garden. You may want to do this in the morning, afternoon, or on the weekends. Early morning exposure to sunshine by planning gardening activities between the hours of seven and nine a.m. will help your teen sleep better at night, too.

Encourage Participation in Sports

Playing sports is a great way for your teen to keep socially and physically active. Various sports are effective at helping kids of any age learn teamwork and build character. Sports also offer additional benefits since children are exposed to sun rays and get a healthy dose of vitamin D. This vitamin helps with the regulation of phosphate and calcium in the body, which keeps muscles, teeth, and bones healthy. If a child doesn’t get enough vitamin D, they may experience issues such as bone deformities.

Keeping Your Homeschooled Teen Active

As you can see from the tips and information above, there are more than a few ways to keep your homeschooled teen active, both socially and physically. Keep this in mind and be sure to plan a time that won’t interfere with their lessons. Remember, staying active will improve your teen’s well-being overall, which will pay off in the long run.

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