Tips on How to Write Under Strict Time Constraints!

penBy John Kelly

In college life, many times students find themselves struggling to submit their assignments and essays on the time assigned by the teacher. It may be due to a number of factors, e.g. they were busy with extracurricular activities or simply that they just forgot about the submission till the last moment. Whatever the reason is for why you are struggling with how to write a last minute submission, here are some tips that will prove to be quite helpful whenever you find yourself in such a situation. Read ahead!

Plan Your Time

It is absolutely necessary that you plan your time. This is critical as it will help you to define what has to be done at what time. If you think that you need more time researching as your writing skills are adequate, then keep more time for researching; or if you think your writing is not as perfect as what the instructor demands, then make sure you save enough time for writing the paper.

Moreover, it is due to the reason that you did not plan wisely that got you stuck in this situation in the first place; so now instead of procrastinating, sit down, plan what you have to do, and get to it immediately.

Collect Your Thoughts and Organize Yourself

The key factor that will help you to complete your assignment in the shortest time is that you do not panic! Worrying only wastes time so that’s not how to write when you’re short on time.

Getting organized is the first step in how to write an essay. Sit down in a calm place, and collect your thoughts. Then start writing about the topic that has been assigned to you, and write whatever comes to your mind. After this, create a rough draft and change it into an outline.

Get Right to Answering the Question

Instead of wasting your time on fluff, get straight to the point. Of course, your professor would want to see some extra research on the topic, but because you are low on time, it is important you answer all the answers that are mandatory first.

If your assignment does not pose specific questions, then you need to determine what points are crucial to establish your argument. Once you have determined these points, start writing about these points first, and then come to the secondary points.

Leave Time for Revision

Students think that revision or proofreading is not necessary, but remember if you leave in silly mistakes, your professor will be highly annoyed and all your hard work will be for naught. So, when you are planning your time, make sure you leave out some time for revision at the end.

If you think you cannot do it, then ask a friend to do it for you, but never submit an assignment or essay that is not proofread.

Also, it is important that your assignment is edited properly, so while you are proofreading it, edit it too. If you are good at editing, then you can also do it simultaneously while writing.

It is important that you realize the importance of time and never procrastinate; but whenever you find yourself in a bind, make sure that you follow these simple tips on how to write under strict time constraints and you will be able to produce an essay/assignment that will impress your professors.

Author Bio: John Kelly is a well known writer within academic circles. Recently, he started working as a content writer. His diverse interests in many subject areas make him a perfect writer as he has in-depth knowledge about many fields.


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  2. It is important that you realize the importance of time and never procrastinate, but whenever you find yourself in a bind, make sure that you follow these simple tips and you will be able to produce an online training material that will impress your professors.

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