Tips For Keeping Your Homeschooled Teens Healthy

Tips For Keeping Your Homeschooled Teens Healthy

By Lewis

Life has become stressful for everyone and especially teenagers. A few years ago they were enjoying being with friends in the familiar environment of public school. Now many of them are learning from home. Being in a new routine and away from friends can be challenging for anyone, especially for those going through puberty. Here are some tips for keeping your homeschooled teens healthy so they don’t get behind in their learning.

Give Them Supplements

Encourage your teens to take a daily supplement that includes vitamins C and B12. Make your teen a fruit smoothie and add a green powder supplement such as Opti Greens to supply them with an additional boost of energy. Consuming green powder on a regular basis can level out their blood sugars so they won’t crash from exhaustion after a meal.

Also, encourage your teens to build up the healthy bacteria in their guts by eating yogurt and drinking kombucha.

Watch Their Diet

Teens tend to disappear once they get their driver’s licenses, often stopping at fast food places when they’re hungry. Unfortunately, even those supposedly “healthy” restaurants serve food that’s loaded with chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Fast food tends to have more calories than nutrients, so teach your kids the importance of eating healthy. Stress how food is fuel for their bodies and how they need to take in the right nutrients now to avoid chronic disease later in life. Provide plenty of healthy snacks on hand when your kids want to binge.

Make Sure They Get Sleep

Teens deal with exploding hormones and new experiences. They learn to drive and become independent. That puts a lot of stress on their bodies. In order to keep from getting sick and so that they’ll be at their optimum best, your teens need way more sleep than you do. It’s the only way their bodies can repair themselves and regulate all those hormones. It also helps them to restore their energy and retain everything they’re learning, so make sure your teens get between eight and ten hours of sleep each night.

Encourage Them to Exercise

When left on their own, teens will spend way too much time focusing on electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Too much time spent indoors focusing on social media has had devastating consequences on teenagers including mental illness and suicide attempts. Encourage your teens to participate in sports so they exercise daily.

Regular exercise will help every part of their bodies, including their brain development. It keeps their weight down to a healthy level and protects them from developing chronic diseases. By getting into the habit of exercising daily now, they’ll build strength and flexibility that will serve them well when they’re older.

Show Them Love

Children need unconditional love their entire lives, and it’s especially important when your teens reach the difficult years of puberty. Feeling loved is vital to a child’s physical health and mental development. A child who feels loved will be able to love others and create positive relationships.

Children who feel loved will also be better equipped to handle stress and will have a stronger immune system. They will also do better in school and on the job. Studies have shown that children who were unconditionally loved had a larger hippocampus, that part of the brain controlling the ability to learn. Children who are neglected, however, are more likely to be obese and are at greater risk for disease when they become adults.

Life is stressful, but the challenges your teens face don’t have to be detrimental to their health. Follow these tips to keep your teens healthy, and they will live happier lives.

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