Time Crunch: Tips for Finishing Up a Degree in Two Semesters or Less

By Brooke Chaplan

Time is money, and finishing a degree in two years or less can help you get ahead of the competition when applying for jobs. Whether you plan on obtaining a Master in accounting online, a business degree, or musical theater degree, if you plan your classes correctly and manage your time and schedule in an efficient manner, then you can complete your entire degree in less than two years.

Take Courses All Year Long

Most four year colleges offer courses four semesters a year which means you can take courses during the summer, fall, winter, and spring. Some courses will likely be available only during the fall and spring semesters, so make sure to plan your course schedule accordingly. In addition to taking courses during every semester available, you can register for courses online with other colleges in your area. These types of courses should be fairly easy to pass, and shouldn’t take up too much of your time as long as you schedule around them.

Apply Advanced Placement Credit to Your Degree

If you took AP classes during high school and passed the exams, many colleges will let you apply this credit towards general courses. In most cases, the AP classes you took will be general education, but they will help you avoid taking them at your college and allow you to focus on your study focused classes instead.

Register For At least 16 Credits Each Semester

During every fall and spring semester, register for at least 16 credits of classes. Because the full time course load is 12 per semester, an additional four means you can eliminate an extra class every time you register. This can be especially helpful during the first year of college because you’ll be able to complete general education courses that much faster.

Keep a Detailed Daily Schedule

Create a daily schedule of your classes, study time, break times, and meal times. This schedule should have you busy nearly every minute of the day, especially when it comes time to take your finals. Organization is key to staying on top of classes all year long.

Sticking to a schedule is essential to completing your degree in two years. With most majors, completing a degree this early is possible because there is a set number of courses you must take in order to graduate. By enrolling in classes for each semester, taking more than 16 credits, and completing classes online from nearby colleges, you’ll be able to finish your degree before most students complete their general education requirements.

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