Through Gates of Splendor

By Naomi

This book…was amazing.

It follows the lives of five missionaries and their wives as they lived—and died—in Ecuador preaching to the Indians. It includes excerpts from the different journals of the missionaries and is told in the point of view of Elisabeth Elliot.

It was incredible to read their story and see how they were excited about what they did, and how much they loved it. Right up until the end you see their enthusiasm and strong faith in God.

Many times the missionaries talked about what they would do if the savage Aucas attacked them, and every time they never said anything about killing any of the Indians.

Even though I knew it was coming, the end still brought tears to my eyes. It was very sad that those men who loved what they were doing so much had to die—but as you read the book (or at least for me) I saw that even if they knew what was going to happen, they would have still chosen that path.

This is a wonderful book that should continue to be read and enjoyed, and I highly recommend this book.

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