Thriving 101: Free E-course for American Patriots

Do you know what it means to thrive? This interesting 7-part mini e-course will give you a whole new understanding. It’s well worth watching and only takes 30 mins. -Ed.

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From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, Founder, Grassfire

This July 4th, we are giving all American patriots access to Grassfire’s e-course called THRIVING 101.

The course features a series of teachings I recorded on the concept of thriving, and how America has created the best environment in world history for people to thrive. This e-course is designed to call our nation back to our God-given heritage of liberties.

America is at a crossroads and I believe we must restore our connection to our nation’s heritage which creates the climate for our families and our nation to thrive.

Why is thriving so important? It’s a word that seems to encompass the very genius of America, what has been called American exceptionalism.

For 400 years, this land has been the most fertile of all grounds in the history of the world for the growth of the human spirit. What has happened here has taken place within the fabric of a nation that promotes God-given liberties.

Grassfire exists to call America back to our vibrant, thriving core, so that we can thrive in our lives, our careers, our families, our churches, our businesses, our communities, and in our nation.

But what does that mean specifically?

We hope to help empower YOU to…

Thrive in your personal and family life through resources that help you connect with the ideals that release a new level of thriving. We’ll be adding resources and training here that help make this “thrive” ideal practical and applicable to your life…today!

Thrive in your community by connecting you with others who are helping America thrive. That’s why we’ve implemented new online architecture and will be adding new tools to expand your impact and connect you with others who share your passion for restoring this nation.

Thrive in your political engagement by putting more tools directly into your hands and linking you with movements that we believe are helping America thrive.

I believe the brightest days for our families and our nation are ahead of us. Yes, these are difficult times. But as we rediscover our nation’s vital, vibrant core, we will thrive, our families will thrive, and America will thrive once again.

Are you ready for Thriving 101? Click here!


101.1—Why Thriving is vital (2:00)

101.2—When do we thrive? (3:25)

101.3—Thriving’s four-part Plan (2:50)

101.4—How one group thrived (4:43)

101.5—How “planting” connects us to the future (4:49)

101.6—The one “law” you must break to truly thrive (5:07)

101.7—How Thriving can bring you and our nation peace! (5:02)


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Grassfire, a division of Grassroots Action, Inc., is a million-strong network of grassroots conservatives dedicated to empowering our families, our communities, and our nation to thrive within the fabric of our God-given liberties.

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