The What’s Next Conference by Unbound

By Andrew Fear

My 20s were hard. My parents meant well, but they weren’t equipped to prepare me for life after high school.

I spent the next 10 years trying to “figure things out.” And I finally did… at 28.

I wish I had found my calling before graduating, and I probably could have. The signs were always there, my parents just didn’t know how to help me see them.

This doesn’t have to be your student’s story.

The What’s Next conference by Unbound will equip you with the tools to help your student find their calling while still in high school. This 2-day, online event is jam-packed with practical advice from compelling speakers like Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries; Shannon Miles, CEO of Belay; and Zach Thomas from Chick-fil-A.

Level up your parenting skills from the comfort of your couch! This 2-day digital conference will give you the resources, tactics, and tools you need to help your high schooler succeed in college and adulthood.

Hear from speakers on a variety of topics such as: leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, getting hired, relationships, and more!

And, the best part: it’s completely free.

If you want to give your high schooler the best chance for success, register now.

All the best,

Andrew Fear
For the Unbound team

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About Unbound (formerly CollegePlus)

Unbound is for students who are fed up with the current college system. This program helps students graduate college debt free while gaining the experience, training, credentials, and network necessary to realize their personal and professional goals. Students receive expert guidance, comprehensive debt-free college plans, and affordable credit-earning options. Join the community of students who say “no” to debt and “yes” to a better way to do college.

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