The Way of the Master Student Edition

Way of the Master Student EditionThe new Way of the Master Student Edition is here, just in time to help teens have their most exciting, fulfilling summer ever! More exhilarating than a roller coaster, more challenging than a ropes course, more fruitful than a hunting trip . . . in this encouraging new book, they will learn from the Master how to fish for men!

Youth today are overwhelmed with opposing messages, and inundated with ungodly messages from the world. They desperately need to hear the truth of the gospel. This summer, instead of facing boredom or meaningless activities, your teens can invest their time in something that pays eternal dividends—sharing the positive message of everlasting life.

How can you reach them? Some believe they need a lot of specialized training to witness effectively. Perhaps they are concerned about making a mistake when communicating the gospel—this is a serious matter, and they don’t want to mess up. Or perhaps they lack the confidence to answer potential questions.

Sharing the good news is much easier than you think…by using the timeless principles in the Way of the Master Student Edition. Teens will learn how to share their faith, answer tough questions, and overcome their fears, enabling them to experience the joy of reaching their friends and family for Christ.

When actor Kirk Cameron first heard the teaching presented in The Way of the Master, he said that it “rocked” his world. He then joined forces with Ray Comfort to get this message to the church – producing an award-winning television program based on its contents that would be broadcast in almost 200 countries.

Way of the Master Student Edition, by Ray Comfort and youth ministry expert Allen Atzbi, uses a fresh approach that’s appealing to young people. This adaptation of the bestselling book The Way of the Master has been written for today’s youth—its timeless biblical truths presented in a fresh way. In this book you won’t find a boring lecture; you’ll be inspired, equipped, and challenged. What you read will make you want to cry and shout . . . and win the lost.

This book sheds light on an almost forgotten biblical key, so rooted in Scripture that once you see it you will forever wonder how you could have missed it. It is the biblical principle of bypassing the intellect (the place of argument) and speaking directly to the conscience (the place of the knowledge of right and wrong) – the way Jesus did. In the Way of the Master Student Edition you will learn:

    • The key to unlocking the unbeliever’s heart
    • How to get on fire for God and stay that way
    • How to witness to absolutely anyone, anywhere, anytime
    • The secret to overcoming your fears
    • Answers to the top questions skeptics ask

Based on the biblical principles taught in the award-winning TV show “Way of the Master,” hosted by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, this book will show you how to seek and save the lost, the way Jesus did.

Each chapter includes a Small Group Study Guide with thought-provoking questions as well as interactive activities, making this ideal for youth groups, homeschoolers, family devotions, individual use, or a summer crash course in evangelism.


“With so many of our youth walking away from the Christian faith, helping them understand what the gospel is and how to share it is of great importance. Filled with engaging biblical teaching and practical encouragement, this is an excellent resource for individuals or churches to use to get equipped to share the life-giving message of hope in Jesus as Savior.” —Ken Ham, President / CEO, Answers in Genesis

“Today’s parents are helping their kids navigate so many challenging issues, it can be easy to forget that the primary mission facing all believers—our teens included—is to share the Gospel with those around us. In this version of Way of the Master adapted for a younger audience, Ray Comfort and Allen Atzbi show kids how to confidently and winsomely introduce others to Jesus Christ.” —Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

“We know we should be witnessing more, but what is the best way to verbally share our faith with others? What do we say? How do we say it? What do we need to be prepared for in response? These are all questions every Christian has. Ray Comfort and Allen Atzbi answer these questions and more in their new book, Way of the Master: Student Edition.” —Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association & American Family Radio

“I’m so excited about this book! I believe that its fast-paced, heart-gripping content will have a rousing impact on our generation. I look forward to using it and recommending it as a resource. The personal stories, humor, and practical content make it an enjoyable read. Ray and Allen’s wisdom and experience in both witnessing and working with youth are evident.” —Grace Mally, homeschooled author, Will Our Generation Speak?

“Ray and Allen have produced a student version of Way of the Master that is tailored just right for teens today. It is filled with stories, biblical wisdom, and practical ideas for helping students engage their friends with the gospel. I will be thrilled to hear stories of the fruit that results from students putting this book’s wisdom into action.” —Sean McDowell, PhD, Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University

“I loved this book! You will be inspired by the stories, the principles, and the challenge. It will help you grow in your faith, share the good news of Christ’s love, and give you the tools to be an ambassador of Jesus to a generation that desperately needs Him. The study guide is perfect for youth groups and great discussion.” —Jim Burns, PhD, President, HomeWord

Please Note: The above product was not provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense.

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