The Truth About Nazis: Hitler was a Liberal Socialist

the truth about Nazis
By The Right-Wing Teen

A favorite tactic employed by leftists (and liberal “fact-checkers” like Snopes) is to describe Hitler and Nazis as “right wing.” Rewriting history is quite common for leftists, as their past is full of injustices that they claim to fight against today. For example, did you know the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats? How awkward. But I’m here to tell you the truth about Nazis.

The full name for the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers Party (“Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” in German). Hmm, that sounds pretty similar to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a party that’s grown following the rise of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Adolph Hitler, the young upstart community organizer who quickly rose to power in Germany (just like Obama did in the US), openly acknowledged that the Nazi party was socialist – plus it’s right there in the name!

The socialist Nazi party’s enemies were the “bourgeoisie” (the capitalists) and the “plutocrats” (the rich). Hitler preached class envy, class warfare (sound familiar?), agitating the working class to resist exploitation by the upper class – in particular, wealthy Jewish capitalists. Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat, blaming them for everything. He called for a boycott of Jewish businesses, and Nazi tax authorities actively worked to destroy Jews financially. (Remember how the IRS under Obama refused to grant tax-exempt status to a number of conservative groups?)

Fearing an armed citizenry, the Nazis instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen including a national gun registry. (The Democrats sure wish they could do that!) Nazism called for the nationalization of child care, education, health care, transportation, and other major industries – all of which are blatant socialist moves. When combined with price and wage controls, and other forms of government intervention, it is very clear that socialism was the favored economic philosophy of the Nazis. As Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism, wryly put it, “Nazis were not big on property rights and tax cuts.” Sounds just like liberal Democrats!

Gregor Strasser, one of the founding members of the Nazis, greatly influenced the party and its early policies. He said, “We National Socialists want the economic revolution involving the nationalization of the economy… We want in place of an exploitative capitalist economic system a real socialism, maintained not by a soulless Jewish-materialist outlook but by … community purpose and economic feeling. We want the social revolution in order to bring about the national revolution” (qtd. in Childers 2017). For modern liberals, climate change propaganda provides them with a perfect excuse for this same kind of statist bullying.

The word “liberal” used to mean “broad-minded; tolerant; willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own.Modern liberals have strayed far from their origins. Nowadays, the more liberal someone is, the more fascist tendencies they have, especially when trying to silence opinions they don’t agree with. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, “In the months after Hitler took power, SA and Gestapo agents went from door to door looking for Hitler’s enemies.” They arrested, imprisoned, and even murdered, anyone who spoke out against the Nazi party in an intense effort to eliminate all opposition to the regime – until basically, “Democracy was dead in Germany.”

That sounds just like the left in this country! They have the same level of intolerance as the Nazis, the way they threaten anyone who dares to disagree with them. Leftists ban conservative speakers from college campuses, boycott Christian-led businesses, accost Republicans in restaurants, and bully anyone who dares to wear a red MAGA hat in public. Not to mention, some of them are downright violent. For the leftists, riots are now an acceptable political strategy, a concept taken right from the playbook of leftist radical Saul Alinsky.

Dinesh D’Souza, author of The Big Lie, likewise wrote in his book that the left and the Democratic Party are the real Fascists: “They are the ones who use Nazi bullying and intimidation tactics and subscribe to a full-blown fascist ideology. . . . The self-styled opponents of hate are the actual practitioners of the politics of hate. . . . leftists blame their victims for being and doing what they themselves are and do” (D’Souza 2017). For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center – under the guise of being a nonprofit civil rights advocacy organization – lists entirely benevolent civil rights organizations they disagree with in their “hate group” category as a way of smearing them. This makes the SPLC itself a hate group.

As David French wrote in the National Review, “radicals use the SPLC’s hate-group designations to justify violence. Politicians and corporations use the designation to marginalize and punish good men and women. Not long ago the Family Research Council narrowly avoided mass murder when a man tried to attack its headquarters. He was inspired in part by the SPLC’s hate-group designation, and his plan was to shoot FRC employees and stuff Chick-fil-A sandwiches into their dead, bleeding mouths.”

Both liberals and Nazis put the ideals of youth, raw emotion, and brute force over tradition, wisdom, and peaceful discourse. A Holocaust survivor, when asked her thoughts on whether President Trump is a dictator like Hitler, told the Independent Journal Review: “What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler…. What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors. That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today…. The young people who are rioting and destroying property, who have no respect for elders and freedom of speech.”

Hitler and the Nazis had something else in common with the modern left: an obsessive preoccupation with race. The Nazis were blatantly racist and thought any race other than their own was inferior. Democrats pretend they care about blacks, Latinos, and other minorities, but only for the purpose of getting their votes and wielding power over them by keeping them enslaved in government programs. They apparently believe that non-whites must be inferior since people of color are unable to compete in the free market without favoritism mandated by the government. This is a subtle form of racism, but racism nonetheless. In fact, last year, two professors from Princeton and Yale published a study called Self Presentation in Interracial Settings: The Competence Downshift by White Liberals, in which they found that white liberals actually do “patronize minorities stereotyped as lower status and less competent.”

And no, Hitler wasn’t Christian either. Knowing that most Germans were culturally Christian, he often addressed crowds in terms that he knew would appeal to them. But in philosophy and practice, German National Socialism was primarily pagan and passionately anti-Christian. The party denounced devout Christians, such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, as fanatics. He was arrested and executed after he dared speak out. The Nazis embraced Darwin’s theory of evolution and encouraged abortion, euthanasia, and eugenics – as did Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, an avowed socialist.

From race-baiting (Obama was big on that) to anti-Semitism (Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib), all of these things sound a lot like the far-left’s Nazi vision for America! Hitler preferred big government, he loathed free speech, he hated political dissidents, and he wanted thought control. If you dared oppose the Nazis politically, especially with your words, you had better watch out. And seriously, look at what is happening today! Liberal New York wants to fine you for not using gender-neutral pronouns, and for using what they deem to be “offensive” terms like “illegal alien” and “illegals.”

The basic definition of Progressivism (as embodied mainly by the Democratic Party) is one who seeks to change the status quo, or the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues. Remember when Obama said that he wanted to fundamentally transform America? That’s exactly what Hitler did in Germany! Yet the myth persists that the Nazis were right-wing extremists. This insidious lie biases the entire political landscape today. So please stop saying “Hitler was right-wing.” No he wasn’t! If anything, he was a left-wing progressive.

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