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The Pros of Attending Community Colleges (Infographic)

America’s community colleges don’t get nearly as much attention as four-year colleges and universities. And yet, 45% of all undergraduate students are enrolled at these institutions of higher learning. Students typically attend community college for 1-3 years.

A community college can be a great place to start your higher education career. Overall, community colleges are a good choice for homeschool students and recent high school graduates. Community college makes it easy to transition from high school to college and explore major possibilities, especially if you’re not sure what degree you want.

If you’ve been homeschooled all your life and have never set foot in a classroom, it can be a little intimidating going to college for the first time. Starting out a community college is not such an abrupt change as going off to a university. For this reason, a community college is the best place to learn the ropes of succeeding in a college classroom while staying close to the comfort and safety of home.

Community college classes are usually smaller, with fewer than 20 students, and most of the core courses are fully transferrable to a university. The community college admission process is easier, with no ACT or SAT required, and once you have a two-year degree, you can easily enroll in a baccalaureate program at a university. You also get a lot more value for your money when it comes to tuition at a community college compared to a university.

While universities focus on research and advanced academics, community colleges are known for offering hands-on training that can be beneficial in providing students with practical experience in their fields. In fact, many programs at these post-secondary educational institutions are specifically designed to prepare students for skilled trades and for entering the workforce.

This infographic contains more facts about the pros of attending community college:


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