The Migrant Invasion: Coming Soon to a Border Near You

migrant invasionBy The Right-Wing Teen
Immigration = The process of examining your passport and other documents to make certain that you can be allowed to enter a foreign country in order to live in it permanently. “An immigration lawyer can help guide you through the immigration process.”
Invasion = An act of invading, especially by an army; entering as if to take possession or overrun; the entrance of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease. “Thousands of troops have massed along the border in preparation for an invasion.”

Notice in the definitions above how immigration is a peaceful process and invasion is an act of aggression. This latest attack on our southern border needs to be called what it is; an assault on the sovereignty of the United States. The primary job of any government is to protect its citizens from invaders. A huge mob of people marching towards your border demanding entrance while brandishing their national flag is a potential threat and must be repelled by any means necessary. If they have bombs, guns, or even rocks, it’s basically an army filled with unlawful combatants.

The non-profit group Judicial Watch, reporting from Guatemala, is confident that the demographics of the caravan give little indication that it is an exodus to escape a humanitarian crisis: “[Our team embedded within the caravan has observed that] the popular mainstream media narrative of desperate migrants – many of them women and children – seeking a better life is hardly accurate. [There are] large groups of men – some with criminal histories – aggressively demanding that the U.S. take them in.”

Gateway Pundit also noted that the “news media claims impoverished women and children are walking thousands of miles from Honduras to the United States in search of a better life. The reality is the majority of the ‘caravan’ is military-aged virile males; the women and children are being used as media props and human shields. Trucks are actually giving the migrants rides towards the border to help them reach the U.S. just in time for the midterms.”

That’s too much of a coincidence to be anything but a political stunt. So now who is trying to influence the election? And who is organizing these people? Like where do they eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom? “Clearly this is an orchestrated phenomenon. This isn’t just happening spontaneously,” observed Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Government watchdog groups say there is evidence that the mass illegal migration was motivated and funded by activist groups in an underhanded effort to destabilize the U.S. – and not by a spontaneous urge of thousands to simultaneously rush the border out of desperation for a better life. The instigators, if Americans, probably should be tried for treason if this is indeed a political movement against the U.S.

The Great American Melting Pot

A country with no borders is not a country. That being said, America has always been called “the melting pot” because it’s made up of people from around the world, with different cultures and customs; and yet when they relocate to America (just like in the Avalon movie), they are happy to learn English and proud to become American citizens.

At least that’s what immigration used to be. People were coming here to become Americans, and they actually wanted to be Americans. That doesn’t mean they had to give up their birth culture. For instance, ethnic groups like the Irish and Italians had their own unique neighborhoods in big cities like New York and Boston. But they still learned English and became part of the wider American culture.

That’s what’s different today. Modern arrivals don’t all seek to become Americans. Legal immigrants do. But this mass illegal immigration has an entirely different purpose than traditional immigration. They don’t even make an effort at assimilating. They may spend their entire lives living and working here, enjoying all the advantages of being in America without even bothering to learn the language or become citizens. They are basically freeloading off the U.S. government’s hospitality.

As in the past, many modern immigrants move to the U.S. for economic reasons, seeking a better future for themselves and their families. There’s nothing wrong with that. But storming a border illegally and cutting ahead of legal immigrants is not the right way. America is a nation of law and order. If these people are really as noble as the media makes them out to be, they would apply and wait their turn to enter the country legally, just like millions of other immigrants have done before them.

But no, they just want to run away from home and not take any responsibility. How ironic that they are “fleeing” their terrible countries – yet proudly carry their national flags! (If they really love America so much, shouldn’t they be waving American flags?) These people are not political refugees, displaced persons, or asylum seekers. If these people were truly looking for asylum, then they would have accepted the asylum that was offered by Mexico. Instead, they refused it.

Asylum Seekers or Criminals?

Individuals may be granted asylum on a discretionary basis if it is determined that the applicant has suffered persecution or has a “well-founded fear of persecution” on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion in their country of origin. But if you’re going to claim asylum, you have to claim it in the first country you reach after leaving your own, which in these people’s cases would be Honduras or Mexico. They didn’t declare asylum in Mexico and yet then they expect to get into the United States, where they’re not legally entitled to it.

So, since they want to leave their homeland willingly and are not legitimate asylum seekers, they should seek instead to enter the United States through the proper channels. Or maybe they should just stay home and work to make their own country better. Seriously, if there are that many of them and they are apparently so good at organizing, then why don’t they revolt against the dictators, fight the drug cartels, and take back their villages instead of running away?

By the very nature of their actions, these are not innocent refugees. It’s more like a migrant invasion. Along the way they are knocking down fences, trespassing, and breaking the law. That automatically makes them criminals with no respect for the property of others. Not to mention the hardened criminals like MS-13 gang members who also find it easy to slip in amid the chaos. That’s why hordes of people must not be allowed to enter the U.S. by barging their way through the border. It’s simply unsafe.

Americans have always been charitable and compassionate toward others. After all, what nation has provided more foreign aid around the globe than the U.S.? We do more than any other nation in the world in terms of food, medical care, disaster relief, and other humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, Central and South America have failed their people and led them into extreme poverty, lack of education, and corruption from top leaders. That’s not our fault or obligation. But perhaps the U.S. could team up with Canada and Mexico to provide some form of aid and shelter, without actually giving them any money or citizenship.

For all practical purposes, there has to be a sensible limit on the number of people entering the U.S. Because if we just allow more and more waves of people to keep coming in, when will the migrant invasion end? We can’t fit the whole world’s population within our borders; we can’t even get our own homeless population under control. But America must be a really great place to live if everyone wants to move here, right? In that case, wouldn’t it make more sense to spread the American concept of freedom and capitalism around the world, so everyone could enjoy the fruits of their labor in their own countries? If the rest of the world was more like the U.S., then we’d all be better off.

Collateral Damage

By the way, isn’t anyone concerned about what diseases these people may be bringing into our country? A polio-type disease and whooping cough, long ago eradicated from the United States, are mysteriously showing up again! In addition, Chagas disease, which used to be mainly found in rural areas of Latin America, has suddenly appeared in the southern states. Not to mention the drug resistant tuberculosis that’s a plague south of the border.

There’s a reason why we had Ellis Island. We used to screen people coming into our country. We can’t do that very well when they’re coming across the border in droves, sneaking in secretly or illegally. Just try to take your pet into another country and see what rules and regulations they make you follow. Yet the CDC and other health experts refuse to admit the connection. It’s like they are in denial, purposely avoiding the obvious, just like you never hear the environmentalists complaining about illegal immigrants trashing what was once pristine desert wilderness in the Southwestern U.S.


Immigrants make our country stronger, more productive, and more interesting. We need good people coming to the U.S. legally who are going to contribute something of value, not illegal people who just bring their problems with them and are only here to cause trouble. Do people really expect us to treat them with respect when they act like bullies? We have an immigration process that works very well. Get in line and do it the right way.


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  1. Very good writing Right-Wing Teen. I like that your article included a link to sign a petition (Judicial Watch). I believe the reference to sickness coming in does make sense associated with those entering illegally. It doesn’t surprise me that such a thought provoking, passionate article would come from a home educated person.

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