The Majestic Bald Eagle: Symbolizing Strength and Freedom

bald eagle

By Jacob

Ever wondered why the bald eagle was chosen as the emblem of the United States? Join me on a journey to discover the significance of this majestic bird, its representation of strength and freedom, and some fascinating fun facts that make it a true symbol of our nation!

Why the Bald Eagle?

JFK once said:

“The Founding Fathers made an appropriate choice when they selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation.”

In the fall of 2021, I delved into this topic for a fine arts competition and found the bald eagle to be a captivating subject. The American Eagle Foundation echoes the sentiment, describing the bald eagle as unique, strong, independent, and faithful—a true representation of America.

What Does the Eagle Represent?

Drawing parallels between the USA and the bald eagle, the bird’s fierceness in survival and protection of its home resonates with our nation’s values. Native to North America, the bald eagle symbolizes authority and sovereignty, evident in its presence on every dollar bill and the national seal.

Fun Facts About the Bald Eagle:

Beyond symbolism, the bald eagle exhibits remarkable traits. Known for cooperative hunting, they aid in defending prey, mirroring our alliances with NATO and the UN. With a lifespan exceeding 38 years, these eagles explore vast territories, akin to America’s westward expansion. Facing threats from various predators, including humans, the bald eagle’s resilience remains unmatched. I would encourage you to learn more about the incredible journey and strength of this iconic bird.

In the words of an uncredited quote:

“When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone, avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life… May your heart soar like an eagle.”

Let the spirit of the bald eagle inspire you to overcome life’s challenges with strength and resilience.

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About the Author:

Hi there, my name is Jacob. I am an 18-year-old graduated homeschooled kid. I am currently enrolled in college with the hopes of acquiring a bachelor’s in secondary education with a focus on music & history education. I recently started a blog called “True History: Beyond the Textbook.” During high school I developed a love for history. And whilst reading and studying I recognized the significance of researching things outside of school. To unveil the hidden gems in history, but also reveal the true meaning and purpose of historical events and persons, whose stories have been transfigured and transformed throughout the years. If I had one goal, it would be to instill the desire to further research history in the younger generation of today.

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