The Magic of the Fae

The Magic of the FaeBy Camille S. Campbell


Following the mushroom and flower circles,

you are led by the song of bells.

The magic of the Fae,

is just a few miles away.

Standing before the nymph’s pale moon-lit lake,

you take a boat to Neverland.

The magic of the Fae,

is just a few rows away.

Whirling and twirling on the grass-laden glade,

you dance across the forest floor.

The magic of the Fae,

is just a few spins away.

Wishing upon the sprinkle of shining stars,

You feel wings blossom from your spine.

The magic of the Fae,

is just a few dreams away.



For years, I’ve always been fascinated about Celtic mythology and the magical faeries. When I learned that leprechauns are part of the group of mythical creatures known as Fae, I felt compelled to write a poem in honor of St Patrick’s Day. In “The Magic of the Fae,” I write about the longing to reach a magical land and the enchanting journey that it would entail. Throughout the poem, I incorporate little clues that a person follows to reach the Fae, from the circles of mushrooms and flowers to the eerie sound of the Fae music. As the poem goes on, the person progressively gets closer to the “The Magic of the Fae,” even if it is only in their dreams.

Camille Campbell is the award winning author of the fantasy book series the Wishner Prophecy. She loves writing poems that tell a vivid story filled with emotions and paint a picture in the reader’s mind. When she’s not writing, you can find Camille painting on silk, playing classical guitar, and reading mystery books.

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