The “Know” to Shop: Video Game Edition

star_wars_battlefront-32-600x338By Nick Maker

Christmas time is near, and our wallets once again are crying for spending all the money that our family gave us, mostly more money for us to spend. And if you’re interested in buying the latest game of the year, well listen to me because here are some few cautious reminders of what’s going to happen.

Star Wars Battlefront

Oh boy you can’t wait for being a Star Wars fan right? Wrong! At least in the current state, the game I heard and reviews was mediocre at best, it’s bare bone and most importantly no story mode! As a Star Wars fan how come there isn’t a story mode; that would be awesome! But no, you think you have many maps to play but it only just shows like eight maps but the graphics are amazing! Until you find out you will get bored of the same mission over and over again. The game got too much hype for the Star Wars brand and I hope the movie won’t disappoint fans. This is a cautious reminder to not get the full package! Some of the contents aren’t worth it trust me, you’ll get those when you unlock them in the game, and you don’t have to pay $120 for the complete pack. Instead in my personal choice I wait for a lower price but if you really want it for the holiday season either get the simple pack which is $60 or get something else worth a game.

Fallout 4

Another big hype, is it worth it? Well it depends, it is a good open world with some slightly better graphics but I don’t really care much about looks, how is it played? It plays pretty well but if you know Bethesda then you know they have a bunch of glitches that need to be fixed, but it is not a broken game thank God. Is it worth the season pass? Well, if you know the modding community of recent past you’ll know that combining those two together will be a sweet deal.

Black Ops 3

It’s the same Call of Duty every year, slightly better graphics, typical gunplay and not much innovation as always, next!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Now I’m really hyped up but I’m not the best example to give since it hasn’t come out yet. But what I heard is it’s an even bigger open world than Fallout 4’s open world! That is insane and with added stuff and those mechs you will hover around it will be epic! This one is up to you to decide.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Fantastic game, the ending sucks though, but the gameplay and everything are awesome! The villain is ok in my opinion, stealth action and overuse of balloons, my type of game.

Halo 5

*Sigh.* It pains me to say for a Halo fan such as myself, I’m sad to say that this is just a mediocre game at best. It’s not the best and certainly not the best story ever! Halo 4 to me, I like it to be fully honest, but Halo 5 failed to promise to deliver on the hype or expectation; the commercial lied about the epic Master Chief vs. Locke and we bought it!? I think in my opinion the story mode is pretty weak, but I will say the multiplayer is good but a micro transaction kills it, but is it worth $60? I would say wait for some sale and don’t get too hyped for this game.

Welp, that is all and there are very good reviews that sum it up better than what I just said but this is my opinion and helpful tips about your holiday shopping. Have a Merry Christmas!

About Nick… “I am a studious person who loves reading and loves researching about virtually anything! I play the piano and every year I have to give a performance in a church. I love video games – especially when it’s a puzzle and action game. I would like to become a programmer one day in the field of computer science. I love my family so much, even if we drive each other crazy sometimes, we’re still one big happy family.”

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