The Genesis Story: Reading Biblical Narratives

Dr. Justin Jackson, Professor of English, Hillsdale College

Deepen your understanding of the meaning and beauty of the first book of the Bible with Hillsdale’s free online course on Genesis.

Genesis is a book of fundamental importance for the Jewish and Christian faiths, and one that has exerted a great influence on Western Civilization. In addition to being a foundational religious text, it is also a literary masterpiece.

The Genesis Story: Reading Biblical Narratives” is a free online course from Hillsdale College, taught by Professor of English Justin Jackson with an introduction by Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale.

Professor Jackson loves to investigate the intersections between literature, theology, and philosophy. “Dr. Jackson’s literary study of Genesis provides students with key insights and tools to deepen their theological understanding of the beloved stories of the first book of the Bible,” said Kyle Murnen, Director of Online Learning. “We are excited to offer an online course on a work of such profound religious, historical, and literary significance.”

Dr. Jackson’s “Reading Biblical Narrative” class at Hillsdale is one of the most popular English courses offered over the summer. “You need to take this class,” says student Ellen Sweet. “Dr. Jackson told us that he teaches the Bible in an English class not because of his Judeo-Christian worldview, but because it’s remarkable literature. Having a teacher who believes that biblical narrative rivals Shakespeare is awesome.”

Now anyone can join Professor Jackson as he analyzes the stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph while exploring some of the Bible’s major narrative themes including the complex relationship between God and man, the consequences of a rupture in that relationship, and the path towards reconciliation.

Enroll in this free six-lecture course on Genesis today!

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NOTE: I’m currently taking this class and it’s a really interesting study of the Bible in the form of a literary analysis which will give you a fresh perspective. ~Ed.

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