The Best Guide to Travelling When You Have No Money

best guide to travelling when you have no money

By Ashley Albert

Money, currency and notes are something that are just as valuable as the oxygen in the air. In the materialistic world of today, nothing comes cheap and free. We all are dependent upon money as if there is no other way to live and to some extent, it is very true. The crushing economic pressures have decreased the value of money even more and hence its demand is constantly increasing. We all work hard to earn money so we can afford the lavish lifestyles that we plan to adopt looking at the media and the luxury things around us.

Travelling is another hobby which often cannot be possibly done without having a good financial situation and a good stash of money. Whether you want to travel around locally or internationally, money is the critical point. With more money, you can travel with more comfort and afford other things as well. However, what if we were to tell you that travelling when you have no money is an adventure of its own and very literally possible. Yes, you surely can travel without money if you do certain things right. This article is going to talk about some of the best guidelines that can help you travel when you literally have no money to do it.

Working on Travel Based Jobs

One of the best advantages of being in the aviation industry or a hostess for an airplane is that you get to travel around the world and stay in the host country for days with all expenses paid. So if you really want to travel with class and with an entertainment allowance which covers all your travelling costs, then you must work in the roles of hostess or in the aviation industry. Similarly, you can also work as an event planner who travels around the world and your clients will be the ones paying for your trips. All these roles allow you to travel with real class and more importantly travel for free.

Taking Advantage of Bank Cards

When you use your bank card enough, you start earning points on it. Many times in order to promote their offers and brands, banks provide offers to get free air tickets or travelling opportunities. So taking bank cards and using them to your advantage is another way of travelling for free when you literally have no money to spend on travel.

Getting Passes or Winning Them

Sometimes by participating in different contests and offers, you can get the chance to win different traveling passes and travel for free. Very recently, National Geographic allowed readers to participate in a travel for free contest by posting an image on social media with a certain caption on it.

Working on a Project

Sometimes you can get the chance to travel for free if you are working on a project which promotes the culture and society of the host country. So you can look for any such projects that allow you to easily travel without spending real money. Winrock International offers many innovative projects.

Bartering Your Services

If you have a useful skill such as basic carpentry, cooking, animal husbandry, musical talent, or ability to teach, you can barter for free food and accommodation as you travel the world.


Join a volunteer program such as the Peace Corps, ArtCorps, GeekCorps, VSO International, Volunteers for Peace, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms.


Author Bio: Ashley Albert is the author of this blog post. Ashley works as a tour guide for a firm in America and she likes to post blogs for the site and also work online for essay writing help service, where her blogs are highly appreciated by people who like to travel around. People can also follow her Twitter, G+.


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