The Best Fashion Moments Of 2015

By Sherah Ndjongo

2015 was a year of many memorable and unexpected changes in the fashion world. From the highly popular ’70s trend, to departing designers, to an abundance of stunning red carpets, it’s hard to believe that this much happened in only 365 days. Let’s take a look back at five of the biggest fashion events that made this past year in fashion one for the books!

Balmain x H&M Launch

Balmain x H&MThe Balmain x H&M launch was solely responsible for setting off a worldwide frenzy. In fact, fashion fanatics that went through great lengths by camping overnight for this temporary collection was not even the most surprising thing to occur. The anticipation also resulted in long waiting lines and stampedes that give Black Friday openings a run for their money. The line was mostly sought after for its gorgeous shoulder-padded blazers, intricately beaded mini dresses, and bold colors. As was expected, Balmain x H&M sold out quickly, taking only minutes for store shelves to be completely empty.

Givenchy Comes to New York (NYFW 2015 Givenchy SS ’16 Runway Show)

Givenchy Comes to New YorkWe never thought we would see the day when Givenchy would show at New York Fashion Week instead of in Paris. This year, this dream turned into a reality. Riccardo Tisci made the decision to debut the Spring 2016 collection at NYFW to celebrate his 10 year anniversary with the label, to bring attention to the brand’s new flagship store opening, and to commemorate those affected by the September 11 attacks. The breathtaking setup on the outdoor rooftop venue, which was created by Tisci and Marina Abramovic, used the skyline of lower Manhattan as the backdrop for the runway. This was also the first fashion show at NYFW to be open to the public.

Rihanna Stuns At The 2015 Met Gala

Rihanna StunsFor the majority of people, the Met Gala is just another one of those annual events. But for the fashion obsessed, it’s one of the most important special occasions because the red carpet fashion makes up a large part of what it is known for. In the 2015 Gala, there was one celebrity that took the saying “dress to impress” to a whole new level. This star was Rihanna. The singer turned heads when she wore a beautiful golden gown designed by Chinese couturier Guo Pei. Weighing in at 55 lbs, the dress took approximately two years to make. The theme of the gala was Chinese Whispers: Tales of the East in Art, Film and Fashion, and Rihanna’s outfit was one of the only red carpet looks of the evening that truly paid homage to the night’s theme.

Joan Didion Models For Céline

Joan DidionFor its Spring 2015 ad campaign, Céline requested the help of 81-year-old literary legend and style icon Joan Didion to serve as their feature model. Appointing Didion as the new face of the fashion house through the much anticipated campaign was a great move on their part due to the fact that it was reminiscent of the “vintage Joan Didion,” which appeals to many. One photo features Didion wearing her signature bob and oversized shades, just like she used to look in the ’70s.

Tom Ford Steps Away From the Runway

Tom Ford Steps Away From the RunwayTom Ford traded in the traditional catwalk for a more digital approach when he chose to show his Spring 2016 collection through a three minute video starring Lady Gaga and directed by Nick Knight. The entertaining and memorable video is considered to have made history since it was the first time a designer introduced a collection with a pre-filmed video instead of a runway show during fashion week.


About the Author: Sherah, 17, has been homeschooled for three years. “I am passionate about raising awareness about topics such as current events and culture and being able to effectively deliver a message that matters to me. I also enjoy researching and writing in hopes of educating, informing, and inspiring others.”

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