The Asbury Revival : A First-Hand Account

Asbury Revival 2023If you’ve been following the Asbury Revival, you will enjoy reading a first-hand report from Brent Williamson, who traveled to Asbury University with his wife and afterwards posted about his experience on social media. (Follow his blog, Effectual Parenting, for content and training for Christian parents to assist in raising godly kids.) Note: This account has not been edited in any way.

* * * * *

What was it like being at Asbury revival? You didn’t feel like you were at a conference or a normal church service. There was such an unbelievable freedom to worship Jesus. The entire atmosphere was utter freedom. You felt like you were at the Throne in heaven and everyone was around Him. God was in the midst.

At times the instruments would go silent and it was like a holy hush. There was NO upbeat or high intensity music. It was ALL Holy of Holies worship type music. Nobody was in charge. There was no known leader. There was no known worship team. There were several different people who spoke and you could tell they weren’t in charge.

They rotated the singers and musicians every two hours or so. There was a guitar, piano, and beat box. That was it.

They asked if you need to talk to someone to please take it into the lobby or outside. No fancy lighting. Wood seats without cushion. Stained glass windows. The floor was concrete. There were NO words on a screen to sing from. No offerings. I saw puddles of tears on the concrete. It was a wave of the Spirit that hit certain people at different times. The altar was full non-stop with people weeping and also worshiping at it too. The Spirit of God was making the altar call. When Christ is in the midst you couldn’t stay comfortable if there was any sin in your life.

Because there were so many different denominations represented, the chapel team did an amazing job keeping everyone on the same page, and from getting out of order. There was worship, prayer, repentance, public confessions, and testimonies.

I have never experienced anything like this in 26 years of being born again corporately! The Lord spoke loudly I believe…. He doesn’t need any fancy things or big name preachers. God was there to get all the glory…. HE was comfortable!

I honestly believe God is speaking to the church this very thing!! The American church is depending on too many gadgets and personalities. When the lights don’t turn off for four days there’s NO doubt God is tremendously moving.

After 6 hour’s I didn’t want to leave, and you could tell it was the same for everyone there. I believe each day the revival is gaining more intensity. I have studied old time revivals for 26 years. It was surreal because I was now experiencing what I have read for so many years. One of the leaders said “We aren’t stepping into something unusual but something normal!! He also said “Imagine if every church on every street corner was like this.”

The leaders did make calls to die to self. I pray this will spread all over the nation! The Asbury revival may or may not last long. All I know He was there! My wife and I will never forget it. It made an eternal impact on us. Honestly, it’s going to take days to process everything. –Brent Williamson

* * * * *

In 1970, Asbury University experienced a significant revival in their student body that spread to other campuses and impacted the Jesus People Movement of the 1970s. The 2023 Asbury Revival has also spread to other campuses across America. You can read more about the Asbury revival by visiting the campus publication, The Asbury Collegian.

Could the Asbury Revival and the Jesus Revolution movie (which coincidentally – or providentially! – came out at the same time) actually be the ushering in a Third Great Awakening for our nation? Could this be the beginning of another Jesus People Movement? We sure hope so!

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