The Action Bible Is Now Interactive!

The Action Bible

By Teri Olsen

Since its release in 2010, The Action Bible has received widespread acclaim for its high-energy, engaging graphics, and spiritually-transformative Bible stories.

I’m excited to announce… The Action Bible is now interactive!

The Action Bible: Faith In Action Edition reinvents the bestselling illustrated Bible with a systematic approach to experiencing the Word of God. It’s all about helping kids and teens engage in God’s Word, grow in God’s Word, and live God’s Word.

In addition to an interior redesign refresh, this exciting edition includes:

  • The Faith in Action system which gives young readers an easy-to-navigate and engaging experience for exploring the Bible.
  • Major themes of the Bible are color-coded and highlighted throughout with icons that help kids personalize their faith and live God’s Word.
  • A Faith in Action Badge for each story that corresponds with one of seven Biblical attributes: Courage, Faith, Hope, Love, Service, Trust, and Wisdom.
  • Discoverable QR codes in every story take readers online to explore even more content: videos, games, a digital Scripture index, prayers, Bible facts, character stories, devotions, playlists, timelines, interactive maps, Bible study sessions, teaching videos, and more.
  • A reading challenge chart spurs young readers on to earn a Faith in Action Title.
  • Each interactive and digital experience guides readers to increase their time with God.

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The Action Bible: Faith In Action Edition is the most complete interactive Bible for kids and teens!

This reimagining of the popular kids’ Bible combines 230 stories of biblical heroes with vibrant comic-book-style illustrations AND immersive online activities. However, even with the additional resources it still stands alone as an awesome illustrated Bible. All of the online activities are optional.

Although it’s called a Bible, it’s not an actual word-for-word Bible translation but rather a paraphrased retelling with historical context woven in, so expect some poetic license to enhance readability and comprehension without affecting the meaning or message. I like how the stories are told in chronological order, from the beginning of Creation to the end of Revelation, to better help kids understand God’s redemptive plan.

To enable more in-depth study, each of the chapters in this Bible refers to the corresponding scripture passages, making it easy to check the original source. I also like that the supplemental resources are based on David C. Cook’s tried-and-tested Bible study curriculum. David C. Cook is a Christian publishing company known for its commitment to discipleship and producing materials that are solidly rooted in Scripture.

This beautiful hardcover Bible is 832 pages and it weighs nearly four pounds! I almost wish it had been published in a series of manga-style softcover books, preferably as a boxed set. I mean, this book is great, but a set of smaller volumes would be more personal, easier to hold, and not as overwhelming. The way it is now, it’s the size of a giant reference Bible, even though it’s written like a storybook Bible.

And in case you’re wondering, despite being a graphic Bible there’s nothing “graphic” about it. The words and pictures are entirely suitable for children. They say this Bible is for ages 9-11 but I think it’s fine for teens, too, especially if they are reluctant readers or visual learners. I bet it would be helpful for new believers who might find a regular Bible a bit intimidating. It can also be used as a family-friendly read-aloud picture Bible. It’s a must-have for homeschools, church libraries, and Christian schools.

This Bible was illustrated by Sergio Cariello, a Brazilian-American comic book artist. He has done work for many major comic publishers – including Marvel and DC Comics – so you know the pictures are going to be amazing, as the example shows!

With all the intrigue of a graphic novel and all the truth of God’s Word, The Action Bible: Faith In Action Edition satisfies the curious minds and adventurous hearts of today’s young people, guiding them to connect more deeply with God’s Word, develop a richer relationship with their Savior, and grow in their compassion for the world around them.

Order The Action Bible: Faith In Action Edition today! It would be a wonderful Easter gift!

The Action Bible‘s colorful, dynamic illustrations and simple writing make it a great choice for families who want to get their kids excited about God’s Word. A complimentary resource, The Action Bible Email Club, provides additional fun activities for kids along with encouragement for parents and spiritual mentors.


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Many thanks to David C. Cook for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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