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Do you love your pets? Do you have a passion for technology? The real fun starts when you combine the two – like a laser pointer and a cat! Pet lovers as well as anyone who has an interest in technology will enjoy hearing about the latest new tech for pets.

With the advances in consumer technology, gadgets for tech-savvy humans have taken over the market in recent years. The good news is that humans aren’t the only ones who can use tech. That’s right, your pet can become a tech geek just like you!

Bring your pet into the digital age with tech for pets that both you and your furry friend will appreciate. We’ve come a long way from simple laser pointers – now we have many gadgets and apps that are specifically meant to help pet owners feed, play, and interact with their pets in these busy, fast-paced times.

Technology products that make pets safer, happier and healthier include surveillance cameras, activity monitors, food dispensers, and more. And while our pets don’t really care how technologically advanced their toys and water bowls are, pet owners will agree that tech for pets certainly makes life a little easier on humans too!

Courtesy of Greyhounds as Pets, here is an infographic that takes a look at some of the high tech products and gadgets for pets that are available in seven categories: Training, Mealtime, Playtime, Health, Protection, Interacting, and Travel. Keep scrolling down, and we’ll also tell you where to buy the pet technology shown.

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Wondering where you can get some of this tech for pets? Below is a summary of each device, and if you click on the name it will take you to the Amazon product page.

Pet Remote allows you to train dogs using ultrasonic sounds to deter bad behavior and reward good behavior.

Petnet SmartFeeder can dispense food for your dog or cat in the proper amount at the correct time of day. Now you don’t have to worry about getting back home in time, or forgetting to feed them!

iFetch plays with your dog for you; it works like a tennis ball launcher or pitching machine. Keep your dog entertained while you’re busy working or studying.

Whistle helps you keep track of your dog’s activity and alerts you if it detects a change in your dog’s activity level – like if the dogwalker isn’t doing his job!

Tagg Pet Tracker keeps track of your pet, by showing you on a map in the accompanying app where your dog or cat is, and texting or emailing you if your pet leaves a location.

Petcube lets you see what your pet is doing while you’re away. The camera has a laser pointer that you can control with the accompanying app, so you can play with your pet even when you’re not hom. Now with Alexa built in!

And finally, Pawclub is available free for iPhone in the iPhone App Store. It helps you find pet-friendly accommodations, parks, restaurants, beaches, and more.

What kind of tech for pets do you use? Would you like to try any of these tech tools for your pets? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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