Synthetic Data and STEM

synthetic data center
AI-Generated Data Center

Synthetic data is making a real impact in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s used in computer science and engineering for testing, to validate mathematical models, and to train artificial intelligence / machine learning models.

Simply put, synthetic data is information that’s been artificially generated rather than produced by actual events. This data is typically created using a computer simulation or AI algorithm that has been trained on a real data set. Even though the data is artificial, it reflects real-world data, mathematically or statistically.

Synthetic test data is easier to generate than actual test data and provides flexibility, scalability, and realism. This is essential for data-driven testing and software development. It can also help remove biases present in real-world data.

Synthetic data has several practical uses in the field of AI and machine learning model training. One of them is training autonomous vehicles. Three-dimensional simulations of driving footage is an effective way to train self-driving cars and trucks. Collecting samples of all potential scenarios on the road would be impractical to impossible. Synthetic data makes it possible to create customized data to fill in the gaps.

Another use for synthetic data is in the banking and finance industry where companies gather a lot of data on their customers, including personal identifiable information. Synthetic data can be used to create realistic datasets that can be used for testing and development without compromising privacy.

Synthetic data can also be used for smart retail store operations and online customer-care chatbots. Synthetic data is crucial to improving chatbot performance when it comes to the nuances of every customer request and how to respond effectively.

There are several resources available online to learn more about synthetic data, what it is, and how it can be used. For example, Synthesis AI recently published a comprehensive article on “What is Synthetic Data?” You can check it out here:

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