Student Entrepreneur: How to Balance College and Business

By Brenda Berg

Balancing college life and having your own startup is not the most desirable situation in the world. Some people have already done it and they claim that they had a good experience and a lot of support from their friends, families, and school.

However, those who are just starting in this adventure are often wondering how exactly to manage everything. They deal with a lot of questions like how to balance college and business? How to keep time for everything that is important? Where to find help?

Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Organize your time

Before you start doing anything in life, the important thing is to organize your time. Make sure that you have a well thought out schedule and that you have set a specific time for each of your tasks.

‘Organization is the key to success. If you want to take up a feat as big and complicated as studying and running a business, you first need to organize your time thoroughly so that each task and date have their own time and doesn’t overlap. This could cause you many troubles, so make sure that you have your time planned accordingly. ‘says Brianna Williams, a founder of UK Writings.

  1. Think about your priorities

You can decide on the beginning which activity interests you more and what you want to focus on most. Whether it’s entrepreneurship or studying, you need to figure out which will bring you most benefits at that moment. Also, this relates to college parties and dating.

  1. Take classes that are related to your business

This is a strategy that will make both your classes and your business much easier to handle. You’ll be learning new things to implement in your startup company and because of that you’ll have an easier time remembering all of the facts for your exams. This way, you’ll have an expert knowledge on the subject.

Your professors will also be willing to help you out whether it ends up being about the lessons or your company. And you’ll be able to have more practice than other college students.

  1. Remember to relax

Relaxation is just as important as working when it comes to success. After a long day, don’t put any extra stress on your body or mind by doing research or working more – go to a party instead, you’ll feel much better. Hang out with some friends and give yourself a break.

‘As an entrepreneur and a student, you can easily get lost in all the work that you have. However, you need to remember to have fun as well. Let your mind rest and process everything that you have learned and everything that you did. Parties, get-togethers or just plain sleeping ‘ says Gloria Fiore, a student from Academized.

  1. Build a good team

A good team is one of the keys to having a successful career while studying. While still in school and working, you are going to need all the help that you can get and a compatible team that works well together is a good idea.

Companies like Paper Fellows and Big Assignments were both created by students and they maintained their position in the market thanks to the help of teams that were behind them. Those teams managed to help the company owners through school and ended up successful, amazing companies.

  1. Use student discounts

Student discounts are some of the best perks of being a student and an entrepreneur at the same time.

You might need access to an expensive software and because of the student discount, you can get it for a small fee or inexpensively. The same goes for many other websites, platforms, books, software etc. These discounts can not only improve your business but your student life as well.

  1. Make use of the university resources

Any university offers so many amazing things to both entrepreneurs and students. Professors are always ready to give advice and there are plenty of studies available for any purpose you might need them.

As well as giving you resources, a university can give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people and talented professionals to help you out with your startup.

  1. Learn how to delegate

Delegation is sometimes all that you can do. There are a few ways that you can do this – and unwind or find time for activities that you wanted to do for a long time but never could.

For one, you could delegate your studying by assigning someone to, for example, write your essays. You could use the services of individuals or essay writing companies like Elite Assignment Help.

You could also delegate your work by assigning it to one of your team members or outsourcing your work for a while. Also, there are lots of managers in the job market who can do the rest of your job while you focus on the most important tasks.


Being a student and an entrepreneur at the same time is not the easiest thing to do but there are certainly ways to do it. Learn how to make everything easier for you and you’ll enjoy developing your business while studying and having fun.

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Oxessays. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at


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