Storytelling Quotes from Great Writers

If you have been searching for inspiration recently or are simply having a writer’s block, where can you get the necessary motivation to continue with your work? We believe you can get some insights from other writers! No matter if you are a fiction writer, poet, or if you are writing non-fiction, we are absolutely certain you will find the necessary emotions and feelings in pieces of advice from titans of the word. Some of them are Nobel Prize winners, others are bestselling authors, and we have also compiled quotes by our favorite writers from childhood. So who are those authors?

In this infographic, you will find creative ideas from such writers as Rudyard Kipling, John Steinbeck, and Lewis Carroll. What about Patrick Rothfuss? We believe his insights are wise and can reach you just when you need them most. Next, we have Alan Moore and Donald Miller to present to you. They said their insights on the art of writing. Vera Nazarin, Ben Okri, Robert McKee are there, too. And naturally we couldn’t miss the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, whose War and Peace is frequently cited as the greatest novel ever written. The best thing about this presentation is you can get the names and later do research of your own. So we invite you to put your keyboard away and enjoy the quotes! We look forward to your comments!


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