START: Punch Fear in The Face, Escape Average, Do Work That Matters, by Jon Acuff

startA Book Review by Angelica and Miguel Laurio

START, by Jon Acuff, is a great book that gets you super motivated to “start” being great. My 16-year-old son Mig (Miguel) told me I really need to read it. I was surprised because he has never told ME to read a book. He said it is hilarious! So I interviewed him over lunch one day about all of the reasons why. Here is what he said:

So why do you like this book so much?

Jon makes a personal connection with you while teaching on a “down to earth” type of way. He makes profound lessons simple to understand like how to control doubt and fear in your head.

What did you learn that you actually use?

I learned that no matter how good you think you are at something you can always humble yourself to learn something from someone else. For example: owning a large business but still willing to take some good advice from an experienced small business owner.

What is your favorite part?

My favorite parts are when he tells stories about everyday people having regular problems and how they overcome them. Also, hidden morals in a story that you never saw before. One story is about a comedian who would “bomb” one show but it would only haunt him for about an hour before his next show. He wouldn’t let his failures define him longer than he could possibly help it.

Why should teens read this book? 

I believe teens should read this book if they are interested in being a cut above normal, if they want to help people but don’t know how to, or if they want to start being more AWESOME.

I am still reading this book and it IS really funny! Jon Acuff writes so well that it seems as if the reader is having a conversation with him at the kitchen table. I can’t wait to finish!

Angelica Laurio

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