Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars StoryBy Zach

This is my review for Solo: A Star Wars Story.


  • This movie is about a young Han Solo having his first encounters with Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, years before meeting Luke Skywalker.


  • Donald Glover did a fantastic job as a young Lando Calrissian.
  • Emilia Clarke’s character and love interest to Han Solo was great too!
  • As always the music was amazing!
  • The way Han Solo meets Chewbacca is handled very well.
  • Alden Ehrenreich was pretty good as a young Han Solo.
  • There is a VERY surprising cameo of an old character that is awesome!
  • The special effects were great.
  • Chewbacca was also obviously awesome.


  • I thought some characters should’ve been in the movie a bit longer.
  • Some of the jokes fell flat and weren’t very funny, and that’s it for cons.


  • I would give this film an 8/10! Thank you for reading!


Zach is a 14-year-old homeschooler who reviews movies, books, and games.

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