So Strong, So Kind, So True


So strong, so kind, so true.
When I don’t understand kindness,
and strength seems real rude,
So strong, so kind, so true, so You.

In doubt, you give me wisdom.
Even just for the day.
So strong, so kind, so true
Words repeated throughout the day.

You answer with truth when all else seems false.
Even on the days I feel as if you’re not near,
Your strength helps me continue on.

So strong, so kind, so true.


About the Author:My name is Katie Dodd I’m 16 years old, and live in Clifton, Tennessee. My hobbies are reading, writing, walking, occasionally riding horses, and a lot of other activities. My passions are animals first and then comes writing. I love making random stories up or writing poetry to express feelings. I have a lot of goals in life like finishing college, and opening my own vet clinic and animal shelter. I also want to get one of my stories published. I can get very passionate about things like the government and my beliefs. I like debating, and just sharing what I know. Out of all the subjects in school I’d say History is my favorite, it may be the past but it’s what shaped the world and changed a lot of things.”

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