Self-Evident Truths: Three Elective Courses in One Book

Homeschool students have a unique opportunity to tailor their curricula to their own interests, without being limited to a pre-approved list of available classes. This column will provide ideas for a wide variety of elective courses that homeschoolers can add to their transcripts.

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SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS: Foundations of American Political Thought, by Bill Burtness

For less than $20 you can get 3 elective courses in 1 Book!

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RELIGION – Religion, Politics & State
POLITICAL SCIENCE – History & Theory
EDUCATION – Secondary

Often we hear, “America is based on Biblical principles.” But what are those principles and how do they work? Self-Evident Truths is an analysis of the ideas and principles that formed the basis of the American philosophy of government and founding documents. It traces their source in the Bible, their development through history, their codification in the American founding documents, and their application to issues today.

These ideas produced a people who were free (but not in danger of anarchy) and orderly (but not because of civil force controlling them). They were at peace with one another, and their unity and integrity were the engine of a prosperity that could ultimately be realized by anyone in the society. The civil structure was designed to protect this freedom. To the extent that the American people have stuck closely to these ideals, freedom and prosperity have bloomed. But whenever the people have drifted away from them, the nation has declined.

In a nation where civil power is derived from the consent of the governed (i.e. the Declaration of Independence), it is a huge problem if the governed do not take part. Especially if Christians do not vote! In his book Self-Evident Truths, Professor Bill Burtness presents a long-term easy-to-understand plan to restore America’s foundations of Biblical political thought.

In simple terms, Self-Evident Truths is a resource that contains the content for three related elective courses for your homeschool study:

Biblical Civics: The History of American Freedom – American Civics class
Biblical Worldview: God, Man, and Government – Bible class
Biblical Solutions: A True Perspective of Current Issues & Events – Current Events class

As you complete all three courses, some of the material will be repeated. This helps students gain increasing practical understanding and clarity from their study.

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Self-Evident Truths is available in paperback and Kindle versions. We would suggest using the paperback version for your students to study, underline, write personal notes in, etc.

Excellent for high-school students and those who teach and work with them. Burtness explains well the biblical philosophy of government and its competitors. His diagrams showing the relationship between internal and external government are simple yet profound.”  – Susan Olaski, editor, World Magazine, July 16, 2011

Self-Evident Truths studies the American philosophy of government as the basic context for constitutional mechanics.

Self-Evident Truths is written in simple terms suitable for high school civics and government classes.

Self-Evident Truths must be studied and understood, then implemented personally by individuals across the society, in order for liberty to thrive.

Attention Parents! Prepare your family today to understand Election Year 2016 and beyond. You will learn as you teach your students!

“Have you ever wondered exactly what form of government America is under? How about what the difference is between a democracy and a republic? I learned so much about our government in this book [Self-Evident Truths]. A fascinating look at God’s intention for how man is to be governed; something our Founding Fathers knew well. I highly recommend this book to ALL AMERICANS! Not the least bit dull or dry IMHO. I plan to read this one over and over!” – Onecrazymom, Mandi

About the Author

Bill Burtness, director of Education for Liberty Project, has been Visiting Professor of American Philosophy of Government at the University of Pristina, Kosovo, since 2004. He has his Master’s degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana. Professor Burtness has taught at University of the Nations campuses internationally since 1980, and has been resource instructor at the University of the Nations School of Government and International Studies in Lausanne, Switzerland. He teaches extensively on the foundations of sustainable freedom worldwide.

Because of his international audience, Professor Burtness strives to make the concepts and principles of a civil structure that actually protects the people’s liberty simple and practical. He says, “The reward of education is when the lights turn on! We try hard to make that happen in all our students’ minds and hearts – young and old, new as well as experienced, American and International.” His diagrams and charts endeavor to make a proper understanding of government – self and civil – exciting and practical for all students at any age.

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Please note that the above product was NOT provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense.

What types of activities and courses have you used as electives? Leave a comment and we may include yours in a future column!

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