Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition


Game Review, by Super Searcher

The Secret of Monkey Island was originally released in 1990, and a remade version was released in 2009. This is a game all about pirates, ghost pirates, and voodoo magic, with a bunch of funny references thrown in between. The series follows one Guybrush Threepwood – a young, tall, careless fellow who wants to become a fearsome pirate. He travels to the island of Mêlée to seek his fortune. However, while he is completing the “three trials” of becoming a pirate, a sinister and evil ghost pirate “LeChuck” seeks to kidnap the fair and lovely Elaine Marley, who happens to be the governor of the same island of Mêlée. So without giving away too much of the plot, at some point through the game Guybrush finds out about the kidnapping and proceeds to recover Elaine from LeChuck, following them all the way to the mysterious “Monkey Island.” That’s about all I can say about the storyline, without giving away important plot points.

Now for the technical side of things. The game is cartoonish in appearance, but this only adds to the humor of the game. It’s a point-and-click adventure/puzzle game, but most of the puzzles are simple to solve (there is a hint button if you get stuck). The special edition was built overtop of the original 1990 game, and there’s a special button that allows you to jump between the original and new graphics. The game can be beaten in about a day (if you really try and know what to do), but I strongly recommend a slow run on your first game to listen to all of the dialogue, that’s about 90% of the game, and it’s chock full of plot devices and hilarious comments. There is not much in the way of blood and gore, except for maybe a talking, severed voodoo head. There’s quite a bit of sword fighting, and minimal language. The game is available on Steam for $10, and goes on sale around most major sales events. I recommend it for the casual, humor-enjoying player.


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