Scholarships for Exchange Students in Denmark or Sweden

Hi Homeschooling Teen,

Are you thinking of studying in Denmark or Sweden?

My name is Mette. I am contacting you on behalf of and We are two of Denmark’s and Sweden’s largest residential portals for rental housing. At the moment we have around 15,000 vacant rentals distributed throughout Scandinavia.

Our experience in the industry means that we have a deep understanding of how difficult it can be – especially for young students – to navigate in the market. For some, the student job may not have been found yet.

As a place of property rentals we feel a responsibility to contribute where we can, so that we can help young students find an affordable home in Denmark or Sweden.

One of our first initiatives in this mission is our scholarship program. The purpose of the scholarship is to make the tough student life somewhat easier for those who are in a new country.

We grant two scholarships, as we grant one for each country we operate in. Each scholarship has a total value of DKK 5,000 (approx. $740) for rent costs. The FindBoliger Scholarship grants an additional two gift cards worth DKK 500 each – total value of DKK 1,000 (approx. $150) – from Rema1000 for groceries.

The scholarships, which apply to both high school and higher education, are for all exchange students – including:

  • Danes / Swedes traveling abroad to study
  • Foreigners who come to Denmark or Sweden to study

To give everyone the opportunity to apply for the scholarship, we have chosen to extend the application period by one month.

Therefore, the deadline for applications is now the 15th of April 2020.

Along with your online application, you are required to send a cover letter, describing why exactly it is you who should receive the scholarship. Additionally, to apply for this scholarship you are required to document your student activity in Denmark or Sweden, which applies to both high school and higher education.

Who can apply?

  • You are an active student in either high school or college
  • You are between 18 – 25 years of age
  • You are a student in Denmark or Sweden

Direct links to the scholarships / online application forms:

We look forward to reading why YOU should be granted this scholarship.

Bästa hälsningar,
Mette Byssing &

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