Six Jobs That Any Student Can Handle While Going To School


By Anita

A college student has a lot to worry about. Managing an academic career while preparing for a future career is already a challenge, but throwing in an active social life and extracurricular activities can make things extra overwhelming. In addition to all of these responsibilities, it’s important to have an income to pay for necessities and avoid debt. Here are six jobs students should consider that won’t take away too much time from their other duties:

Work-study programs

Many schools have work-study programs that are designed to fit into a student’s busy schedule. They allot a certain amount of time each week for work, managed in such a way that a student can easily find decent hours. Work-study programs are a great way to squeeze in a few hours of work here or there in-between classes, and don’t require huge chunks of time to commit to.

On-campus stores

The typical campus will likely have a variety of stores on the grounds that cater to students. Anything like a coffee shop, grocery store, or bookseller can be found nearby, and all are operated with the intent to hire students. These can provide a great way to earn income while still being in proximity to student housing or classes. Campus jobs can give students core work experience that they may be lacking, and give them a foundation to improve and learn new skills.

Campus eateries

Similar to the last point, campus eateries offer a great opportunity for students. Many larger schools have multiple cafeterias scattered across campus, each serving distinct sections of the school. Food prep workers, dishwashers, table cleaners, and cashier positions all have to be filled, usually in high numbers. The schedules are often consistent and planned for shorter working times so you can work between classes and meals.

Work from home

If a student is particularly adept in one area, they can just work from home. The internet has many opportunities to make money from your computer. Writing jobs, internet assessors, or even graphic design work can pay well. Some of these jobs can even be in support of a student’s chosen field of study. Working from home can give students opportunities to do freelance work, but if that does not fit for you, there are many companies that offer more structure and consistent pay with opportunities to work from home.


Students that excel in one area of study can apply to be a tutor for others in the same field. This can be in a school facility or off-campus at a private institution. Highly skilled students could also earn serious money as a proofreader or editor. This is a great way to keep your skills up to date and decide your own hours.

Sales jobs

On-the-field sales jobs are another attractive option for making some extra money. Students studying marketing can gain valuable experience in direct sales roles and potentially launch a career. Search for jobs in field sales to gain necessary experience required for almost any job. If you are good at sales, it’s a great option to earn more commission from performing well, which helps pay the bills without working extra hours.

With so many other important things competing for time, employment should be flexible and pay just enough to support college life. These jobs work great for almost any college student and should be considered to make extra cash without a demanding schedule.

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