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robin-williamsBy Nick Maker

We all heard of Robin Williams’ death and watched a lot of tributes about him, so what makes it different this time? Not much exactly, but I will give my thoughts about him and telling you behind the tragic history of the comedian himself.

He was one of my favorite comedians growing up with his movies. The first time I saw him acting was Jumanji. It wasn’t the first time hearing his voice since I had watched Aladdin, but it was the first appearance I saw him acting. Then I watched some of his acts on stage and I laughed a lot; I never laughed so much since the Mr. Bean show. I didn’t watch all the films based on his appearance since I couldn’t keep track of them all, but when I saw him on the news sometimes I’d always smile when he’s smiling.

When I heard the news from someone that a guy named Robin was dead, I thought that some other celebrity died and I didn’t really care much. When I saw the picture of Robin I said, “oh THAT Robin, oh God.” I was so dumbfounded by the news that I gazed at the ceiling for a few seconds. The most shocking thing beside his death was the cause of death which was hanging by his belt. How morbid, what a gruesome way to die, I really don’t know why he took that painful route and not something fast at least. I’m not saying he should have taken a bullet, but it was the most logical thought for a suicidal person to go through. I did some research about the guy and here’s the whole history that might cause him to be suicidal.

Robin had developed problems throughout the years, including alcohol and drug problems right when he started his first acting career in a show called Mork and Mindy. He did have relationship problems like he cheated on his first wife, married his son’s nanny, and got divorced again later on. He had financial trouble and lost his big mansion and had to move a smaller home. He had heart surgery due to probably excessive use of alcohol, in fact he almost died in the surgery and later on he had to “take it easy” on his career. He did however go to a rehabilitation center for his drug problems, but then years later he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and that was probably his downfall for developing depression.

On the light side of his story, Robin was a caring person to his children and his fans by making everyone smile. He brings out the child and laughter in us and we appreciate all of the things he’s done for us. He was a gamer and started a commercial for Nintendo, and when the company heard of his death they gave their condolences to the Robin family. He was, I think, a tragic clown because of the happiness he brought to our homes for his sheer smile and jokes, but the other side contains a doleful mask of a mournful man that suffered the worse problems throughout his life.

We will miss you Robin…you have my respect as a person. Some of your appearances in movies have actually taught me something in life; that is to smile to the world!

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