Revealed: Countries That Are Green Energy Trendsetters [Infographic]

By Bekki

The global demand for energy is growing exponentially every year as countries develop and populations increase. This requires new solutions to keep up with demand. We all know that traditional energy sources are depleting – so how will we source our power in 2050? The answer is: through green energy.

The need for more energy resources is driven by growing economies in developing nations, and the way we’re sourcing it has changed dramatically. This is largely due to the emergence of more efficient fuels and technologies. These rapidly changing trends in energy usage are shaping the way we power our everyday lives.

The Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI) uses a set of indicators that measure how effective countries are in their energy production and usage. By determining to what extent nations have been able to create affordable, sustainable and secure energy systems, the global community can provide advice to those countries that still rely on outdated methods and fossil fuels.

Roof Stores has produced a detailed infographic that provides an overview of emerging trends in Global Energy Usage, illustrated in an interesting visual manner. It covers which countries are using them most effectively and offers insight into the ways in which this is monitored.

For example:

  • Find out which countries are green energy trendsetters
  • The effectiveness of individual countries’ energy production
  • The importance of a global energy architecture
  • Issues that are holding back green energy adoption

Stand-out stats:

The demand for power in Africa will more than double between 2015 and 2050; adding further strain on power resources from the growing energy demand in Asia and America.

  • Fossil fuel demand will peak in 2035, with oil demand peaking slightly later in 2037.
  • The alternative fuel with the highest predicted growth is solar photovoltaic, which will increase by 11.7% in power generation between 2015-2050.

Here is the infographic which highlights all these trends and more (click on the image below to view the full-size version):

The Shifting Trends of Global Energy Usage by Roof Stores.

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