Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

By Zach


This is my review for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, a horror/thriller game.

PLOT: An ordinary man looking for his missing wife in a mysterious “abandoned” house discovers there is a killer family living inside, with a dark secret…

PROS: I like that this game takes a different turn on the series, making this game in first person, in which the others are in third person. The unlockables after you finish the game are a nice touch. I played this game 2 times, one play through in 25 hours, and one in 4 hours and 55 mins.  This game is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played, not because of jump scares really, but because of the shockingness of it, and the feeling of dread throughout. The family, especially Lucas Baker were really scary. And I loved the mission where Lucas Baker locked you in a room where you had to figure out how to move a lit candle onto a cake in a room where it would automatically shower water down on the candle, it was a very brutal and scary mission. The boss fights were awesome! And the combat was really fun. The comatose grandma appearing around the house was really scary too. There were also really cool VHS tape flashback missions, where it explained some stuff. I liked that this game also had a lot of references to the Evil Dead movie franchise, including a character based off of someone from the movie.

CONS: The main character, Ethan’s voice actor was just terrible, Ethan gets limbs cut off and he just yells a bit. It was just a little annoying. The ending was a bit disappointing.

VERDICT, I would give this game a 9/10, it was well worth the 60$.

Thank you for reading my review!

Zach is a 13-year-old homeschooler who reviews movies, books, and games.

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