Reckless Faith by John F. MacArthur

A Book Review by Naomi Downing

Scripture and reason—the two together comprise the formula for true discernment. Yet in many American churches, reason has been abandoned for something more digestible: faith that feels good. It is what pastor John F. MacArthur calls “reckless faith”—and it leads people away from the one true God.

Because of it, numerous Christians have lost their way. They’ve given up absolutely truth in favor of blind, uncritical trust. Replaced black-and-white, foundational doctrine with clouded belief systems. They’ve even come to view reason and doctrine with contempt—as if spiritual truth were supposed to bypass the mind altogether.

In the wake of such emotion-based “faith”, the church is losing its ability to discern right from wrong. And it is leaving itself defenseless against false teaching.

But there is still time for the church to turn around. Still time for a return to discernment—if Christians will “incline their hearts to understanding” and begin to use their hearts, their minds and the unchanging Word of God to determine the truth that endures forever.

Reckless Faith talks about just because someone calls themselves a Christian, or says they have faith, doesn’t necessarily mean they have faith in the right thing. John MacArthur talks about the difference between Catholicism and Christianity, why they are different and if they could ever be considered the same thing.

Without being mean or rude, or any of the many adjectives people like to assign to others when they disagree, he just gives facts. Kind of a “here they are, believe what you will” kind of way.

I wouldn’t say this was a quick read, it would probably be best to read it slowly so you can really soak in what he is saying, but it was a good read. It really makes you think and stretch your brain!

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