pymetricsDo you wonder what career path would be best suited for your personality and abilities? Check out Pymetrics and uncover your strengths, discover ideal careers that fit your cognitive traits, and get introduced to compatible companies!

What is Pymetrics?

Pymetrics is a young startup career search platform that was launched by two female neuroscientists in the Fall of 2014. Merging neuroscience with big data, the software aims to match candidates to jobs and companies where they’ll perform at the highest levels. Frida Polli, the company’s co-founder and CEO, described it in an exclusive interview with Fortune: “We set about making a platform that improved the quality of data that people are using when making hiring decisions.”

Using technology to job-hunt by personal traits is logical and timely, says Polli. She cites the 75-year-old Myers-Briggs personality test—which, for example, identifies introverts versus extroverts—and which today is still used by employers to assess their employees’ behavioral characteristics. Polli and co-founder/chief computer officer Julie Yoo decided to combine their neuroscience expertise to create a more advanced method for the 21st century.

Pymetrics measures neither IQ nor knowledge of any subject matter, but rather uses a series of neuroscience games to assess key character traits—both cognitive (e.g.  attention duration and flexibility in multitasking), and socio-emotional (e.g. levels of trust and altruism preferences). Everyone knows that different professions require different personal qualities and that’s what Pymetrics evaluates.

After you play all the games, sophisticated data-science algorithms analyze your performance and create your cognitive and emotional profile—and your career profile as well. Then it will send your profile to potential employers looking for people like you. Pymetrics is already serving a number of global Fortune 500 employers, says Polli.

“Neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the brain,” the company’s website explains. “We apply this to helping people find their optimal career path, and help companies find ideal candidates.” As an added bonus, the technology claims to eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process.

How To Use Pymetrics

Go to, sign up, and complete your profile. Pymetrics’ services begin with its assessment tool, which is essentially a series of 12+ games. Play a few games for about half an hour on Pymetrics’ website and the company’s algorithms will gauge your innate personal characteristics such as attention or motivation.

Once your profile is complete, you will receive a personalized report, which will show you what you are naturally good at—and tell you what kinds of careers you’re best suited for. The program provides industry recommendations based on your profile, and connects you to a variety of companies looking to hire based on compatible fit.

Employers can use the Pymetrics technology to “quiz” candidates and employees to help identify their strengths (and weaknesses) and match them with certain types of jobs. “It’s not just about recruiting people, but it’s also about retention,” says BBG Ventures president and managing partner Susan Lyne. “If you can get someone into a job that they’re well-suited for you’re more likely to retain them for longer.”

The Pymetrics Playbook

The Pymetrics Playbook is a part serious, part educational, part entertaining twice-monthly newsletter, bringing you insights behind their career matching data as well as tips and tricks for landing the dream job you deserve. When you register for Pymetrics, you will be placed on the mailing list. Whether you sign up or not, you can also read lots of informative career-related articles on the Pymetrics Blog.

Find where you fit today! Feel free to test drive the games at

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